The 21st century man is restless by definition. I look around me, and all my colleagues are in their mid-twenties and have lived in at least three countries so far (and still counting).

Emigrating no longer involves a cardboard suitcase, a long happyImmigrantsocean crossing and handwritten letters to keep in touch with your beloved ones. It is more the case of a low-cost flight, shopping in the nearest Ikea to furnish your room and long Skype conversations to update your family about your new life.

It is not all easy-peasy, though. Apart from the excitement of new adventures ahead of you, there are some administrative tasks that, either you like it or not, have to be completed.

Here at bab.la we love languages and cultures, and we want to help your move abroad to be as smooth as possible. That is why we have created a new phrasebook which will help you out in lots of different situations of your expat life.

Navigating the phrasebook, you will find sentences covering your steps abroad, such as requesting a visa, registering in the city, opening a bank account, finding a flat, getting a health insurance to phrases which will be useful for your university enrolment, work contract and tax returns. Also more specific situations are covered, for example buying a house, applying for disability benefits and bringing your pet with you.

Our phrases will help you avoid misunderstandings, as they are adapted to the administrative system and the cultural peculiarities of your country of choice. If you want to add an international experience to your CV, you are still in time: have a look at our internship platform. Moving abroad has never been so easy!



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