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Time to cast your votes for IX09!

iX09 logoThis is the competition to find the hottest blogs about International Exchange and Experience from all around the world, submitted by Lexiophiles readers and users.

Cast your vote by clicking on the poll below.

If you haven’t decided on a favorite blog yet – view a list of the nominated blogs with descriptions here

Here you can easily grab the code for the voting button and add it to your sidebar or to a blogpost and get your readers to vote for you.

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  1. I am so exited about that. Even if I don’t win, it would motivate me to write more from my adventures if I got some more clicks on my site or a short comment to my entries.

    A reader or subscriber is the best reason to blog.

    Yours Georg

  2. If you want to check how your blog is performing, click on the “view results” link at the bottom of the list – here you can see who is currently leading the voting! Good luck! And remember, voting closes on June 7th…

  3. Eu adoro Entrevistando expatriados, pra mim que vivo fora e uma maneira de ver que nao a unica a me senitr um peixe fora d’ agua fora do Brasil.
    Boa sorte gente.

  4. Hey guys!

    Visit my blog to get to know about Mauritius! An small and paradisiac Island in Africa. The place is amazing! I tell all my experience, as a brazilian, living and working here 🙂

    If you like also vote for me: Jalusa`s Island

  5. Thanks for including my blog! I’m honored! 🙂 And as Georg said, inspired to write even more. Thanks again!

  6. Hi everyone,

    We are SUPER happy to see how many of you are reading and voting for all these great bloggers!

    One small thing…I have just switched off the “view results” function of the poll, and also changed it so everyone can only vote once. In the interests of fairness to the other bloggers, please don’t sit up all day and night voting for your own blog… we can see you! 😉

    Danke schön!

    1. Well, It is too late to get nominated for this year’s competition. But you can try to get nominated after your 10 months staying in California, entering the 2010 competition!

  7. David — Congrats and way to go! Your site provides an invaluable service to the international higher education community. Thank you!

  8. I work with your Mom & you’ve done a great job keeping everyone up on your life in Italy. Enjoyed the pics & news.

  9. Hey everyone!

    We are working on the final list and it will be published on Thursday – we can hardly wait! We will be in touch with all of the people with blogs in the competition with further info about what happens next, but keep an eye here on Lexiophiles for the latest updates!

    Thanks again!

  10. I can’t believe I just visited my blog and wrote an entry about the competition but I just realized it is too late…
    Well, I enjoyed my nomination! Thanks a lot!

  11. Hi Nick,

    We will be posting an article well in advance of the competition with all the information about ‘iXX10’. What dates the competition will run etc. will be published early in 2010. Follow us on twitter or our Facebook fan page to get the latest updates.