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43 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Voting: Language Learning

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    • @Margit
      Voting works fine on Firefox, IE 6.0 and 7.0 – which are you using? You can send me an email with your vote and I can cast it for you. Best regards, Marc

  6. Can one only vote in one category? I’ve voted in one category, and now am not allowed to vote in another–but I don’t quite see the point of the categories if you can’t vote in each of them.

    • @lynneguist
      You should be able to vote once in each category. We are working on this. Please try whether it was a mistake on your computer, please try voting on another computer. Kind regards, Marc

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  8. every-day e-mail for learning; a perfect mixture of grammar and vocabulary for every day use

  9. Swedish American in Sweden wins!!!!

    Absolutely love his blogg as a conservative American who has lived in Sweden, dated in Sweden, and vists yearly.

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  11. Abroad Languages Blog has interesting articles which help and inform language enthusiasts and learners with tips about learning languages, updates in the language learning world, language schools, and many other interesting stuff about languages! Thank you for nominating my favorite language blog! I do hope it will garner a lot of votes and win in this category!

    Thank you Marc for posting this! 😀

  12. Women learning Thai is the best by far!oh yes and some men too…………..guess that is me and this Site has an amazing depth to it……a real inspiration!

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  14. My Vote is for Cactus Language, Becz this is the Only website which i found, that Help me to Improve my English Language…


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  17. Dear Bloggers,

    today is the last day of the voting and we are heading towards the most exciting part of the competition. You have until 11.59pm tonight to vote for your favorite blog. As you all know the results will be published July 30th.

    Kind regards,
    Marc (marc[at]bab.la)
    on behalf of the bab.la and Lexiophiles team

  18. French Blog is accessible and an excellent resource for teachers, students and anyone who wants the inside track to life in France. Chanda delivers information about the language, culture and history in an easygoing personal manner as if talking to a friend. Great site! Great Resource!

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