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Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Voting: Language Technology

The voting phase has already ended. Find out who won the competition here. Also check out the list of nominated blogs. You also can find the Top 10 in the category Language Technology.

Thanks for voting! Remember to check back on July 30 to find out who the winners are! If your blog is on this list you can get your voting button here.

If you have further questions or would like to contact us for feedback email marc[at]

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  1. I find this blog a clear, inspiring challenge for those tecno phobic teachers to become geeks, ready to address our digital native students, great job Vicky! Congrats.

  2. Insegno l’italiano da ben 10 anni e trovo questo sito molto interessante e utile.

  3. I vote for “English Virtual Community”. I think it’s an excellent blog, with great ideas which can help a lot to develop Language technology.

  4. I have voted for “English Virtual Community” because I trully believe that it’s a bridge to second life in education. The best of luck !!!!

  5. vielen Dank für den Blog “Deutsch lernen und studieren”. Wie vünderschön es so einen Blog gibt. Ich bekomme viele Tips und Information, um meine Deutschkenntnisse tiefer selbst zu studieren und zu verbessern.

  6. She is grate I admire her !!!!! She´s an excellent english teacher!!!
    good luck . !!

  7. This blog site is very informative and helpful for people,
    my comment is that language is the power of human being, every one should know the language because, if you know the language that you can translate your idea to any language.

  8. Thanks for nominating my blog Aspiring Polyglot. However, I really think that it doesn’t belong in the “Language Technology” category as I rarely mention language learning technologies and software on my blog. As a language learner who writes about foreign languages and language learning, I would have thought the “Language Learning” category would have been more appropriate…

    Thanks for the nomination anyway.

  9. Nelba: now, more than ever before, we´ve got to share and work together in all fields, to “make the world a better place”. That’s what you do and help us do as well, so thanks and congratulations!

  10. Dear Bloggers,

    today is the last day of the voting and we are heading towards the most exciting part of the competition. You have until 11.59pm tonight to vote for your favorite blog. As you all know the results will be published July 30th.

    Kind regards,
    Marc (marc[at]
    on behalf of the and Lexiophiles team

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