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From all the great nominations we have received from Lexiophiles readers and users, we have compiled a list of 100 Language Blogs in the category Language Learning. These blogs represent a great cross-section of experiences, written people all over the world. We hope you enjoy reading and also learning from them!

Nominations are over so take a look through the nominated list, choose your favorite blogs and vote for them here. You can vote for one blog per category. There are blogs in several languages, such as English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, French and Italian.

  • 37 languagesA young man named Keith Brooks, who has always been fascinated with languages and the world around him, decided to embark on a process of reviewing 37 languages to find the one perfect for him. (English)
  • A Swedish American in SwedenA Swedish-American. Born in Sweden. Raised in the US. Exploring his roots. Welcome to Sweden. (English)
  • Abroad Languages BlogLearning languages abroad. (English)
  • ActualidadesLearn Spanish through pop culture! (English)
  • All Japanese All the TimeHow you can learn Japanese (and many more languages) without taking classes, by having fun and doing things you enjoy—watching movies, playing video games, reading comic books—you know: fun stuff! (English)
  • Aprendendo JaponêsBlog where you can learn Japanese. (Portuguese)
  • Aprender InglêsDiverse ways of learning English online. (Portuguese)
  • Arabic GenieLearning Arabic The Magic Way, Arabic Tattoos. (English)
  • Arabic LearnersAbout learning Arabic. (English)
  • Awal_nu_ShawiOur aim is to provide a free platform for the discussion and dissemination of ideas related to Tashawit. (English)
  • BabelhutA small space devoted to language and language learning. (English)
  • Babel’s DawnBabel’s Dawn reports news from around the world about the origins of speech. (English)
  • Baby-steps to fluencyThis blog exists to assist other language learners in learning their target language(s) more effectively and have more enjoyment doing so. (English)
  • BalashonHebrew Language Detective. (English)
  • Becoming a Better EFL TeacherThe author started this blog for himself and others who are terminally curious and who feel that continuous learning is one of the keys to living a happy, fulfilling life. (English)
  • Becoming Italian Word by WordBlog about learning Italian. (English)
  • Ben’s BlogA Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom. (English)
  • Blog HelenDoronEnglish for children – how children develop and learn. (Polish)
  • Blog o jezyku niemieckimEasy German learning online with authentic materials. (Polish)
  • BLOGBOGSTAVEROrdkløverens blog om det danske sprog. A blog on the danish language. (Danish)
  • BloglinguaLanguages, cultures and events from around the world. (English)
  • Books to Learn Arabic…About books to learn Arabic. (English)
  • Bradshaw of the futureBlog about linguistics, especially Indo-European historical linguistics. (English)
  • Bringing up Baby BilingualAll about raising kids with more than one language, including profiles of bilingual families, reviews of books and other materials, suggestions for language-learning activities, and stories about teaching French to young children. (English)
  • bulbulovoThis blog is updated whenever its author, a Semitic philologist in making dabbling into all things linguistic, comes up with a new idea or across an interesting fact. (English)
  • BuurtaalIt’s about Dutch language and culture. (German)
  • Cactus Worldwide BlogLearn a language your way! (English)
  • Chinese Lessons with Serge MelnykMusings of an ex-law school inmate; a nomad always in spirit, and now in vocation. (English)
  • Chinese QuestLearning Chinese Blog. (English/Chinese)
  • Communicate in Spanish“I have just kicked off my blog for English speakers learning Spanish.” (English)
  • Confessions of a Language AddictThoughts on language, language learning and the process of becoming a polyglot – from the editor of (English)
  • Darmowa nauka angielskiego – blogAn English teacher on learning English – tips, explanations, useful tools. (Polish)
  • David on FormosaBlog focusing the commentary to all things Taiwanese — Taipei, Taiwan. (English)
  • Der Englisch BlogDer Englisch-Blog liefert jeden Tag neue Erklärungen und Übungen rund um die englische Sprache. (German)
  • Deutsch ist KlasseLearning German for Romanians. (Romanian/German)
  • Deutsch lernen und studieren in DeutschlandLearning German in Germany. (German)
  • Diario di una Studentessa MattaBlog for learning and using the Italian language. (Italian)
  • Dick & GarlickNotes on Indian English, Hinglish, slang & pop culture. (English)
  • die.horNachts stehe ich nicht auf, um heimlich zu trinken. (German)
  • Doubting to shouChinese, Linguistics, Cultural observations. (English)
  • DW World Deutsch lernenGerman courses online. (German)
  • É isso aíThis blog was designed to show the work of the author’s students who have been taking courses in Portuguese language and linguistics. (Portuguese)
  • Effortless English ClubHelps students learn English. (English)
  • Eigo pera ni nareru blogBlog about learning English – in Japanese (Japanese)
  • En francais s’il vous plaitA blog from a French teacher on which his Korean students can post articles in French. (French)
  • English RavenBlog about learning English. (English)
  • EnglishBlogA blog supporting English language learning. (Polish)
  • Enjoy Learning EnglishBlog full of free resources to learn English as a second or foreign language . Useful for all kind of learners, from beginners to advance students. (English)
  • Faster Foreign Language Learning“As a language learner and teacher, I run this site to share language learning tips and techniques that have proven effective for my students and me.” (English)
  • Fluent Every YearRandy tries to learn a new language every year, gives great analysis of how the components of particular languages work. (English)
  • Fluent in 3 monthsLanguage learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot, who speaks 8 languages, and his story as he travels the world to learn new ones! (English)
  • Foreign Language MasteryTips, tools, and tech for learning ANY language effectively (English)
  • Foreign Language StudiesArticles of this language learner in several languages including French. (English)
  • ForeignLanguageBlog.comHow to learn foreign languages: advice from the Foreign Language Doctor. (English)
  • FrancofoolAbout French language, music and culture, focusing on using French music to learn French and improve fluency, vocubulary and pronunciation. (English)
  • Free English Lessons OnlineLearn English online with our free English language lessons. Games, video listening quizzes, grammar, vocabulary, teaching resources and more! (English)
  • French Word-A-DayLearning new French words. (English/French)
  • Guia Prático de EspanholThis blog was created for Portuguese speakers learning Spanish. (Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Hangukdrama and KoreanBlog on korean learning. (English/Korean)
  • Hanzi SmatterThis blog is dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture. (English/Chinese)
  • Hilfe zum Japanisch LernenBlog about learning the Japanese language. (German)
  • How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessonsAbout an American and his attempts to learn Swedish. (English)
  • I kinda like languages blogA website with full free online introductory and basic language courses available without any need for registration or any catches! (English)
  • Igirisu de kuraso tto!Information about Learning English for living and working abroad. (Japanese)
  • Il due blogItalian for foreigners. (Italian)
  • ILGUR: Italian Language, Grammar and Usage ResourceWelcome to ILGUR: A “blog” dedicated to studying, learning and improving Italian. Look for regular posts on grammar tips, expanding your vocabulary and usage. (Italian/English)
  • Inglês no supermercadoProfessor de inglês leva você ao supermercado para lhe mostrar muitas palavras em inglês de uma forma inteligente. (Portuguese)
  • Italian for beginnersAbout learning Italian. (English)
  • Italy From The InsideA Scoop of Real Italian Life for Travelers & Friends. (English)
  • Jabal al-LughatClimbing the Mountain of Languages. (English)
  • Japanisch2NullThe relaxed way to learn Japanese fluently (German)
  • Jennie in FranceBlog about Learning & Teaching Languages, with a Focus on French. (English)
  • Jezyk angielski – Nauka angielskiego na co dzien.Learning English every day. (Polish)
  • Joanne JacobsJoanne Jacobs presents her views on current educational topics and themes. (English)
  • Join MartinMartin Drury, Journalist, has just 1 year to learn as many languages as possible. This blog covers what he does and how he does it. (English)
  • Keith’s Voice on Extreme Language LearningLearning Japanese Blog. (English/Japanese)
  • Koisuru EigoShort English diary mostly about Japanese food and the blogger is translator. (Japanese)
  • KopulaA language nerd’s confessions. (Danish)
  • Korean {as it is}Blog on korean learning. (English/Korean)
  •”The Newzealandholic”Diary about his daily life in Newseeland. (Japanese)
  • L’anglès a l’Escola SplaiSplaiEnglish Blog: A place to learn and share our English. (English)
  • Language BubbleThis is a place for all those interested in learning foreign languages or those that are a language teacher. (English)
  • Language FixationGreat advice on learning languages. (English)
  • Language GeekTips and tricks on learning languages and language education. Reviews and views on helpful websites as well as articles on tudy techniques. (English)
  • Language is the People’sEnglish language blog – Because everyone loves a farce. (English)
  • Language LogGeneral language blog covering a range of topics and aspects of language studies. (English)
  • Language ScrapsBlog about the English language. (English)
  • LanguagehatGeneral language blog covering academic language realted issues. Among other things discussing recent developments in the field of language studies. (English)
  • Laowai ChineseTips and Strategies for Learning to Speak Chinese. (English)
  • Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the DayFor Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL. (English)
  • Le Mot Juste en,a blog read principally (but not exclusively) by French speakers who already have a good command of English but who wish to deepen their understanding of the language and its cultural aspects, illustrates and illuminates the subtleties and nuances  of the English language. (French/English)
  • Learn a languageGenerally about learning languages. (English)
  • Learn EnglishLearn English vocabulary, five words a day. (Arabic)
  • Learn English for FreeLearn English through songs and videos. (Arabic)
  • learn Italian languageLearning Italian Blog. (Italian/English)
  • Learn JapaneseAbout Japanese Language. (English)
  • Learn Thai Bon’s WayBlog for people who wants to learn more about Thai language to deepen their understanding about Thailand!! (English/Thai)
  • Learn Thai from a White GuyLearn Thai From a White Guy. (English/Thai)
  • Learn Thai Language BlogHints and Tips to Improve your Thai Language Learning! (English)
  • Learning KyrgyzThe blog talks about the challenges of learning a rarely studied language and publishes reviews of resources for the learners of Kyrgyz, with occasional comments on language learning techniques in general. (English)
  • Learning ThaiNavigating the New Culture Frontier – explorations into the Thai language, culture, sports, food, and media. (English)
  • Learning the LanguageBlog on difficult policy questions, explore learning innovations, and share stories about different cultural groups. (English)
  • LearnItalianPodLearn italian with free podcasts. (Italian)
  • Let’s Talk LanguagesThe author shares her own intercultural and language experiences. (English)
  • Life is a journeyAbout learning both Japanese and Korean. (English)
  • Lingvo TutorHelping to learn English and German words, this site also contains interviews with polyglots. (Russian)
  • LinkuaLearn Arabic in English (English)
  • Lyrynne’s DelightBlog on korean learning. (English/Korean)
  • Mandarin StudentEnglish person attempting to learn Mandarin from the Internet. Resources and advice to help other budding Mandarin students in a similar position. (English)
  • Matjjin-nehenLanguage and linguist blog. (English)
  • MemiyawanziOne man’s adventures in Linguistics, Philology, and Bibliophilia. (English)
  • MLN LanguagesObservations on languages with descriptions and samples. (English)
  • My LanguagesResources, Research, News and Views about Language-teaching in the UK. (English)
  • My LinguisticsFollowing a student in learning. (English)
  • Nemo ha ikuyoLearning English to get high score of a English certification. (Japanese)
  • Nihongo NotesLessons and Advice to Help You Learn Japanese …and a little bit about life in Japan. (English)
  • No SwordA blog about Japanese language, literature, culture, and art. (English)
  • Omniglot blogLanguage-related musings – one language is never enough / eitt mál er als ikki nóg mikið (English)
  • On Learning Brazilian PortugueseTips & Web Resources from an American student. (English)
  • Online English LessonsExploring the English language in all its incredible variety, history, quirkiness and character. (English)
  • PhrasemixTeaches advanced English that you can use in the real world, not just on a test. (English)
  • PhrasesA Phrase A Week’ is a free service. Each week, I e-mail an explanation of the origin of a commonly-used English phrase or saying. (English)
  • Polyglot VegetarianGrazing through the world of words. (English)
  • Português em BadajozSite criado com o intuito de apoiar o ensino/aprendizagem do português como língua estrangeira. (Portuguese)
  • Pukka GermanLearn German Podcasts. (English)
  • Quero Aprender AlemãoFor Portuguese speakers who want to learn German. (Portuguese)
  • Quero Aprender Inglês!Blog to help people learning English. (Portuguese)
  • Quixotic QuislingIt’s about language, music, art, business and other stuff. (Welsh)
  • RLI Language ServicesRLI Language Services offer quality short courses for adults. (English)
  • Russian Language PodcastThis podcast is for those who already know basic grammar and want to improve their Russian level. (Russian)
  • Ryan is a bilingual blog written in English and Japanese by a language teaching professional operating in Japan covering self-study methods including extensive reading and technological aids. (English)
  • SCC EnglishThe English Department of St Columba’s College, Whitechurch, Dublin 16, Ireland. News, poems, drama, reviews by pupils of school events, essays, podcasts, book recommendations … and more (English)
  • Schrift&RedeHerausgegeben von der Forschungsgruppe Deutsche Sprache. (German)
  • Sitcom de warae!Showing the way to learn English with soap opera “Friends”. (Japanese)
  • Smile Forum-Learn foreign languagesOnline forum for exchanging language learning tools and resources for beginners. (Arabic)
  • Spanish NewsBitesSpanish Language News for Spanish Language Learners. (English)
  • Spanish OnlyThe blog about learning Spanish, to fluency, on your own and without ever visiting a classroom. (English)
  • speakspanisheveryday.comLearning & Speaking en Español. (English)
  • SprachfetzenAdventures of a German in England. (German)
  • Sr Jordan’s Spanish Video BlogVideo blog for Spanish. (English)
  • Steve’s Language BlogThis blog is all about learning languages: You’ll find anything from tips, suggestions and techniques for learning languages as well as lots of information about different languages themselves. (English)
  • Street-Smart Language LearningA multilingual lawyer breaks down the process involved in speaking languages based on his own experience. (English)
  • Szybka nauka jezyków – Blog MartynyEffective methods to learn languages quickly and by yourself. (Polish)
  • Thai 101Thoughts on Thai language, media, and culture. (English)
  • The Arabic LanguageOnline forum for exchanging language lessons and tools. (Arabic)
  • The AUA Thai BlogShares useful information on learning via ALG. (English)
  • The English BlogBlog covering both old and new Internet resources for learners and teachers of English. Not only reviews and presentations, but also advice on how to get the most out of it. (English)
  • The Iroha Project BlogIroha Project – Click, Watch, Listen and Learn with Image and Audio. (English)
  • The Japanese PageAbout Japanese Language. (English/Japanese)
  • The Language ChronicleThe Language Chronicle has one simple mission: To serve as the ultimate source for information on foreign languages and how to learn them. (English)
  • The learn2lingo blogLearn2lingo is an online platform for learning and teaching languages via webcam. (English)
  • The Linguist on LanguageLanguage blog for people who love languages or would, but were discouraged. (English)
  • The Smiling EggplantAll about Italy and Italian. (English)
  • TjyvlyssnatThis blog is packed with eavesdropped conversations in Swedish. Unfortunatley it is only in Swedish. (Swedish)
  • tlumaczenia i bledy – jezykowoBlog about translations and language correctness. (Blog o tlumaczeniach i poprawnosci jezykowej.) (Polish)
  • TofuguA wonky Japanese language and culture blog. (English)
  • Tower of ConfusionBlog with general thoughts on interesting language topics with other language learners. Another theme of this blog is multiculturalism. (English)
  • Transparent LanguageTransparent Language is a leading provider of best-practice language learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses. (English)
  • Una japonesa en JapónConstruyendo un puente hacia el futuro, entre los países de Habla Hispana y Japón. (Spanish)
  • Unleashed EnglishEnglish – titbits, language problems, common mistakes. (Polish)
  • Voices en EspañolA fun way for intermediate to advanced students of Spanish to improve their listening comprehension. (Spanish)
  • Wanna Jugar With Migo?Adventures in Spanish teaching ideas, links and giveaways. (English)
  • Will’s World of WordsA blog dedicated to new words and expressions for English Learners (English)
  • WishydigEnglish language blog. (English)
  • Women Learning Thai… and some men tooExpat making her way through Thai language and culture. (English)
  • WordSparkLearn English communicatively through popular culture! (English)
  • Zakamarki jezyka niemieckiego – Przyjemna nauka dla samoukówA blog where Polish people can learn German in an enjoyable and easy way. Including German songs and funny stories about German mentality. (Polish)
  • ZarcoEnglish – Tool of the dayBlog that lists tools and websites that are useful to ESL / EFL teachers. (Portuguese)
  • LingvomaniaNews and notes on languages. (Russian)
  • AmikecoTo the knowledge of morals which no nation is try to study it before language (Pythagoras of Samos). (Russian)
  • I-osmosisThis is a blog provided by i-osmosis for English learners. It brings you news and useful information for leaning English. (Japanese)
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    3. The extraordinary skill of learn italian online. Italian is an excellent second or third language choice for anyone. And a classroom type in learning a new language is less effective and impacts the amount of time the student learn.

    4. A very impressive list, I might say. But if anyone wanted to learn a language such as French, it wouldn’t be necessary to visit every site/blog in order to learn. You would just stick to something reputable and learn as much as possible from that one source and then move on to another, if need be.

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