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From all the great nominations we have received from Lexiophiles readers and users, we have compiled a list of 100 Language Blogs in the category Language Professionals. These blogs represent a great cross-section of experiences, written people all over the world. We hope you enjoy reading and also learning from them!

Nominations are over so take a look through the nominated list, choose your favorite blogs and vote for them here. You can vote for one blog per category. There are blogs in several languages, such as English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, French and Italian.

  • (Not Just) Another TranslatorAbout professional translations (English & Italian to French Translations). (English/French)
  • SchplockGerman studies student blogs about languages and linguistics. (German)
  • A Arte da TraduçãoTranslation in Portuguese. (Portuguese)
  • About TranslationInformation, news and opinions about professional translation. (English)
  • Ad maiorem interpret(ation)is gloriam On the art of translation – a blog by a medical interpreter (Polish)
  • Algo más que traducirPersonal page of a translator with lots of resources. (Spanish)
  • An A-Z on ELTArticles relating to existing entries, or with a view to creating new entries from the book “An A-Z of ELT” – an encyclopedia-dictionary of terminology relating to English language and English language teaching. (English)
  • Ana ScatenaA professional translator writes about language and teaching. (Portuguese)
  • Anthro-LingDevoted to Anthropology, Archaeology, Language and Linguistics, Culture. (English)
  • AnywordFrench Blog on Translation. (French)
  • Applied LanguageHigh Quality Language Solutions, delivered on time …with a smile! (English)
  • ArabLingArabic Linguistics. (German)
  • ATAAThe Blog of ‘Ata , it is the latest industry news of audiovisual translation, association, words of translators on their jobs, their small pleasures and their rants. (English)
  • Atominium the art of translationHints on Translations & Translators & Culture & CAT & IT & Technology (Polish)
  • ATR BlogIt contains over 250 posts: news, events articles, recommendations in Romanian and several other languages, as well as surveys, quotations for translators, interpreters and other language professionals. (Romanian)
  • Begona MartínezTranstlation and interpretation in Spanish. (Spanish)
  • Beyond WordsBeyond Words is ALTA Language Services’ blog, wherein ALTA’s language professionals comment on issues involving translation, interpreting, language testing, and the intersection of language with current events.  Beyond Words aims to be a fun resource for language lovers and professionals. (English)
  • Blog de Traducción: Trusted TranslationsAquí encontrará consejos, recomendaciones y todo tipo de información, tanto para traductores como para compradores de traducciones mediante artículos redactados por todos los que participamos en la apasionante actividad de la traducción profesional. (Spanish)
  • Blog on translationBlog on translation. (English)
  • Blogging TranslatorTranslation and Linguistics. A blog covering general topics on translation. (English)
  • Blogging with Swedish Translation ServicesSwedish Translation Services is a company owned by Tess Whitty, a freelance translator (English-Swedish), proofreader, editor, copy writer, localizer and entrepreneur. (English)
  • Brave New WordsA blog about translation, language, literature, and other related topics. (English)
  • Building RapportAdvocating plain language, clear design, sensitivity to audience concerns, and civility. (English)
  • Crosslingo’s PosterousA translator, an English teacher, a reader and a blogger (English)
  • DCblogEnglish language blog. (English)
  • Dr. Goodword’s Language BlogEnglish language blog. (English)
  • Dylematy filolozkiBlog about Polish – language problems, spelling mistakes and other mysteries of Polish language. (Problemy jezykowe, bledy ortograficzne, zagadki polonistyczne…) (Polish)
  • English, JackSecond thoughts on English and how she’s taught. (English)
  • Euro London’s BlogThe specialists in multilingual recruitment (English)
  • Evolving English IIIn this blog, we observe the language changing all around us. (English)
  • Freelance Chinese translatorProfessional English to Chinese translation and Chinese to English translation. (English)
  • FritinancyNames, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English language. (English)
  • Games with wordsBlog that runs experiments through the Web testing human reasoning, particularly in the domain of language. (English)
  • Il blog del Mestiere di scrivereItalian Blog. (Italian)
  • In parole povereThoughts and notes on the Italian language. (Italian)
  • ISEL – Blog jezykowyBlog about English vocabulary and grammar. (Polish)
  • JodyByrne.comDoc Byrne’s Translation Miscellany is blog written by a professional translator and translator trainer and it covers everything and anything to do with translation, localisation, languages, language technologies and research and often presents a humorous take on different topics. (English)
  • John Wells’s phonetic blogBlog on everything to do with phonetics; from application to education to resources. (English)
  • Ken Wilson’s BlogThe original idea for the blog was, and remains, to provide free materials for teachers. (English)
  • L10NBRIDGE Translation blogThe blog posts cover everything from web globalization, translation FAQs, Internationalization, writing for localization, multilingual social media to favorite recipes throughout the world. (English)
  • Lavori in corsoNote pratiche in corso d’opera. (Italian)
  • Les recettes du traducteurTous les ingrédients pour faire boullir la marmite… (French)
  • LingformatThe science of linguistics in the news. (English)
  • Linguistic MysticA place for me to post the things that intrigue me, but also as a place for you to find and learn about things that might intrigue you. (English)
  • Linneas språkbloggA blog about things that have to do with the Swedish language in one way or another. (Swedish)
  • Literal-MindedLinguistic commentary from a guy who takes things too literally. (English)
  • Lux Lingua’s BlogThought on language, translation and the translator. (English)
  • MA Translation Studies NewsA blog for students and graduates of the MA Translation Studies at the University of Portsmouth (English)
  • Medical Translation BlogMedical Translation * Regulations * Technology. (English)
  • Motivated GrammarPrescriptivism Must Die! (English)
  • Mox’s blogElectromechanical Engineer and English-French to Spanish translator. (English)
  • MultimanusA blog by a writing coach. Lots of great tips for writing and getting published. (Swedish)
  • Musings from an overworked translatorMusings from an overworked translator features musings about Jill’s life and the translation industry that are of interest to long-time translators as well as those new to the profession. (English)
  • Naked TranslationsReflections on words, expressions and the difficulties encountered on the bridge from the English to the French language. (English)
  • No Peanuts!Provides support and resources to professional translators and interpreters in demanding and receiving a living wage for their work. (English)
  • NoncompositionalNoncompositional is a mostly-academic blog by a linguistics graduate student. (English)
  • Nordic Voices in TranslationNordic Voices in Translation is a blog devoted to the English translation of the literatures of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – and also  Estonia. (English)
  • Orden runt med Ann LjungbergTips and ideas for people who want to write in Swedish. (Swedish)
  • OversetterBlog by Nick Rosenthal, Managing Director of Salford Translations Ltd. (English)
  • PaleoglotAncient languages, cultures and civilizations. (English)
  • Peter Harvey, linguistTeacher, writer, translator. (English)
  • PHONOBLOGAll things about phonology. (English)
  • Plsh Text CommunicationsHelps you reach, speak to, communicate with, and build relationships with a variety of customers and consumers in various industries. (English)
  • Polyglot BlogResources and information about translation, interpreting and languages. (English)
  • PolysyllabicRuminations on grammar, philology and anything else. (English)
  • Power of Dream, Power of EnglishHelping learning English language and American culture. (Japanese)
  • Practicing WritingHere you’ll find updates on writing and publishing opportunities (especially handy between issues of our monthly newsletter). Plus, the blog holds this practicing writer’s occasional observations on happenings in the literary world, book reviews, and news about her own work. (English)
  • PratbubblorSpråkkonsulterna (the Language Consultants) brings you informational and inspirational musings on language. (Swedish)
  • Premere il tasto ANYRiflessioni sulle traduzioni professionali in ambito informatico. (Italian)
  • Sauvage nobleAn Austronesian’s Adventures in Altertumswissenschaft and Indogermanistik. (English)
  • Semantics etc.A weblog on semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, and intersections thereof. (English)
  • Sentence FirstAn Irishman’s blog about the English language. (English)
  • Separated by a common languageObservations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK. (English)
  • SinospliceBlog to help understand all things China. Includes articles on language, culture and everything inbetween. (English)
  • SkrivtipsTips for writing in Swedish. (Swedish)
  • Spanish Translation BlogBlog on translation. In English (English)
  • Spanish Translation Blog (Spanish)Blog on translation. In Spanish (Spanish)
  • SpråkförsvaretA blog in defence of the Swedish language with the hopes of elliminating the intrusion of English. (Swedish)
  • SpråkpolisThe Swedish language police. (Swedish)
  • TecnoTraduBlogUn traductor también puede ser geek. (Spanish)
  • Terminologia etc.An Italian blog on terminology, translation, localization and language-related quirks. (Italian)
  • The Biolinguistics BlogBrings a variety of material pertaining to the field of biolinguistics. (English)
  • The Engine RoomBlog about language use, publishing and the media in general. (English)
  • The Grammaphobia BlogQ and A blog on grammar. Readers questions on use of English are answered and discussed on a daily basis. (English)
  • The Greener WordGerman-English translator specialising in environmental issues and waste management in particular. (English)
  • The Language GuyCommentary on how language is used and abused in advertising, politics, the law, and other areas of public life. (English)
  • The Lexicographer’s RulesThis is the personal weblog of Grant Barrett, editor of the Double-Tongued Dictionary, a collection of words from the fringes of English. (English)
  • The Name InspectorEnglish language blog. (English)
  • The POLSKI blogThe POLSKI blog is written by Michal, a Polish journalist, writer, one-time language teacher and linguist, living and working in London. (English)
  • The Shifted LibrarianLibrary related materials. (English)
  • The Translation and Interpretation BlogThis site facilitates knowledge and research in medical and legal translation and interpretation. (English)
  • There’s Something About TranslationA freelance translator blogs about lessons learned at the wordface, her experiences as a freelancer and the changes facing the profession. (English)
  • Thoughts On TranslationThe translation industry and becoming a translator. (English)
  • Three PercentBlog with articles on various topics related to translation, communication, technology and other snippets of random, unrelated informational debris. (English)
  • TomedesSmart Human Translation Services. (English)
  • Trad OnlineTrad Online, a dynamic and innovative translation agency (French)
  • TradeonaAbout translations. Being a translator is certainly a trade, but it is mostly an opportunity for the author to exercise her passion every day. (French)
  • Traduction anglais-françaisThe entente cordiale between English and French: translation tips, general culture, musings of someone who has already written two dictionaries, and much more – check us out (French)
  • TransblawgWeblog from Fürth on German-English legal translation (German/English)
  • Translate This!Strategies for Lossless Langage Convrson. (English)
  • Translating is an ArtA weblog about translation and language. (English)
  • Translation Blog: Trusted TranslationsYou will find tips, advice, and all kinds of information both for translators and translation buyers written by all those involved in the exciting field of professional translation. (English)
  • Translation NotesNews, ideas, tools to make translation more productive and enjoyable. (Spanish)
  • Translation TimesThe translating twins and entrepreneurial linguists, Judy and Dagmar Jenner, blog about the business of translation from Vienna and Vegas. The blog revolves on ideas and strategies to run a translation business more effectively and efficiently by thinking like an entrepreneur. They dispense useful tips on marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, real-life economics, pricing, and working with direct clients. (English)
  • Translator PowerBlog on translation. (English)
  • Translator’s MusingsShare the horror stories, the near misses and the tips for all those requiring translations from English to French. (English)
  • transubstantiationIdeas on translation. (English)
  • Translation GuyThe challenges of language remain eternal, but the business of translation is changing in interesting and scary ways. Translation Guy is a way to get a handle on the transformation of translation for me and my readers. (English)
  • Trovare X CredereBlog dedicated to the techniques and tools of research (and not only) for translators and interpreters. (Italian)
  • Über Setzer LogbuchGerman blog on language, Russian and translation. Includes articles on the latest news on related areas. (German)
  • Wasaty tlumacz O tlumaczeniach przy fajce i kawieTips and tricks, toys and tools – everything about translation. (Polish)
  • wéb-tränslatiônsThe Web-Translations blog is a mixture of informative, serious, and light-hearted content focusing on various areas of language and the localization industry. All members of staff within the company are welcome to contribute, and we encourage comment from our readers – sometimes a real debate is opened, which is great! (English)
  • Word RoutesBen Zimmer, executive producer of and “On Language” columnist for The New York Times, explores the pathways of our lexicon in his Visual Thesaurus column, Word Routes. (English)
  • word spy – Word Lover’s Guide to New WordsWord Spy is devoted to “lexpionage,” the sleuthing of new words and phrases. (English)
  • WordlustitudeThis is a growing dictionary of ephemeral words, also known as nonce or stunt words. All readers are strongly encouraged to use these terms in their blogs, poems, prophesies, and recipes (English)
  • WordmallA blog about the English language. (English)
  • Words to good effectBlog about writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language and translating. (English)
  • Wörter BlogBlog on how to use German words and grammar correctly. (German)
  • WortistikA German publicist in his function as word custodian of the nation. (German)
  • Wunderland DeutschA declaration of love for the German language. (German)
  • yndigoBlog on translation with both insights and incites. Covers many aspects of translation. (English)
  • ZwiebelfischGerman blog on quirks in the German Language. Bastian Sick writes on topics ranging from language history to correct use. (German)
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