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Top 100 Language Blogs – Nominated blogs for Language Technology

From all the great nominations we have received from Lexiophiles readers and users, we have compiled a list of 100 Language Blogs in the category Language Technology. These blogs represent a great cross-section of experiences, written people all over the world. We hope you enjoy reading and also learning from them!

Nominations are over so take a look through the nominated list, choose your favorite blogs and vote for them here. You can vote for one blog per category. There are blogs in several languages, such as English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, French and Italian.

  • 25 letters in the alphabetExploring the effects of Web2.0 on the english language. (English)
  • 2c WorthTeaching & Learning in the new informatio landscape. (English)
  • 528 Digital Learning“I am excited to be involved both in education and with integrating digital tools into the classroom.” (English)
  • Adult Education MattersWe share to impart, impact, improve, and empower. (English)
  • adVancEducationBlog on the use of new technologies in education. Featuring reviews, where-to-find and how-best-to-use articles. (English)
  • Always learningTeaching technology abroad. (English)
  • AnggarrgoonBardi on the Web. (English)
  • Apprendre les LanguesVarious resources to learn languages. (Italian)
  • BetchablogEducation + technology + ideas (English)
  • Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the ClassroomThis blog focuses on education, technology and learning. (English)
  • Betty OnlineBetty Gilgoff is an Inservice Faculty Associate for Field Programs at Simon Fraser University. (English)
  • Bite Sized EnglishBite Sized English specializes in helping you practice and perfect the English you worked so hard to learn. (English)
  • BIZNES blogBlog on language learning methods, e-learning and modern technologies (Polish)
  • BLOG-EFLObservations on the use of Web 2.0 tools for English Language Teaching & Learning. (English)
  • Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected ClassroomA Blend Of Technology And Education. (English)
  • BlogosNews and views on language and technology. (English)
  • Box of tricksTechnology and Education. (English)
  • Bright ideas for educationBright ideas for education. (English)
  • busuu.comAn online community for learning languages. (English)
  • Campus FLE éducation, le blogue de MonicaBlog about learning languages and technologies. (French)
  • Carol’s thoughts on life, ICT and whatever comesHere you are likely to find short and possibly infrequent posts. They will most likely be linked to the use of ICT within or without of the curriculum. (English)
  • Creating Lifelong LearnersTeaching digital literacy, closing the digital divide. (English)
  • CT Educational Technology & Information LiteracyThe purpose of this BLOG is to maintain a dialogue with EETT grantees, post updates for Connecticut Educational Technology and Information Literacy initiatives and to offer links that will support educational technology integration thoughout the curriculum. (English)
  • D’Arcy Norman dot netWords are not action. (English)
  • DaF-BlogÜber das Deutschlernen und -lehren mit und ohne Internet. (German)
  • Ed Tech ReviewTechnology for Teachers! (English)
  • Educación y VirtualidadAvances interdisciplinarios en materia educativa y virtual. (Spanish)
  • Education TechnologyNews, Techniques and Theories of Effective Use of Technology in Education. (English)
  • Educational technology & changeA co-operative blog journal for educational technology & change. (English)
  • Educational technology in ELTExperimenting with web 2.0 tools to enhance language learning (English)
  • EFL Classroom 2.0 – Teacher Talk“When 1 teaches, 2 learn.” (English)
  • elanguageConference & course notes. (English)
  • e-learning 2.0Blog personal de información especializada en formación virtual. Elaborado por Mª Dolores Capdet, Postgraduada y Doctorando en e-learning. (Spanish)
  • ELEARNING 3D: educación en mundos virtuales 3DEducación en mundos virtuales 3D. (Spanish)
  • E-Learning QueenE-Learning Queen focuses on distance training and education, from instructional design to e-learning and mobile solutions, and pays attention to psychological, social, and cultural factors. The edublog emphasizes real-world e-learning issues and appropriate uses of emerging technologies. Who is the Queen? You are, dear reader. Susan Smith Nash is the Queen’s assistant. (English)
  • eLearning TechnologyTony Karrer’s eLearning Blog on e-Learning. (English)
  • elearnspaceLearning, networks, knowledge, technology, community. (English)
  • Emerging Internet Technologies for EducationEngaging students and enhancing learning outcomes with Internet & Instructional Technologies. (English)
  • English Virtual CommunityA English Virtual Community online. (English)
  • ESL TechnologyA blog about ESL technology. (English)
  • ESOL TechnologyComprehensive resource for ESL language instructors who are looking for effective ways to incorporate technology in their teaching. (English)
  • ew blogsRuminations on the electronics industry from David Manners. (English)
  • Freestyle LanguageLearning languages both on the web and off, as well as cool language-related things. (English)
  • Fremdsprachen und neue MedienBlog on how to use new technologies and media in foreign language learning. (German)
  • HumanFor fellow teachers… (English)
  • I should be marking Blog for Language teachers on using ICT in the classroom (English)
  • ICT for Language TeachersThis is a blog related to the ICT4LT website at It aims to encourage feedback on the ICT4LT site in particular and the use of ICT in language learning and teaching in general. (English)
  • iLearn TechnologyAn edublog dedicated to providing teachers with free, easy to use, and practical technology resources that will increase student learning and motivation in the classroom. (English)
  • Infinite Thinking MachineIdeas to help teachers and students thrive in the 21st century. (English)
  • Integrating ICT into the MFL classroomJoe Dale offers practical tips and advice on using ICT to enhance the teaching of modern foreign languages. (English)
  • IT IS ENGLISH BLOGEnglish with an IT focus. (English)
  • ItalianiamoHave fun and meet other Italian learners from all over the world! (Italian)
  • Jane’s Elearning Pick of the DayA daily item of e-learning interest selected by Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. (English)
  • Japanese language and culture blogDeveloping educational games for learning Japanese (English)
  • JoeWoodOnlineJoe Dale offers practical tips and advice on using ICT to enhance the teaching of modern foreign languages. (English)
  • Language Lab Unleashed!LLU was started in 2005 as a place for language teachers and technologists (K-16 and beyond) from around the world  to come together and discuss current practices and suggest ways to improve teaching and learning languages in the 21st century. LLU is a blog but it  also hosts skypecasts, podcasts, SL meetups and other ways to explore the tools we can use for teaching. (English)
  • Language Trainers BlogGerman citizen, living in UK, blogging about online language learning. (German)
  • LangwitchesThe Magic of Learning through Technology. (English)
  • Le petit Champignon illustréFun articles about languages and French in general (French)
  • Learner Evolution ~ Chris HarteLearning and Teaching in the 21st Century. (English)
  • Learning Teaching EnglishBlog about new media in language learning education. (German)
  • Mac For TranslatorsA blog for translators working on Mac OSX. (English)
  • Me, technology and language teachingEnglish Language Fellow discussing EFL and the use of technologies (English)
  • Moving at the Speed of CreativityThe weblog of wesley fryer. (English)
  • Nik’s Learning Technology BlogTips, resources and teaching materials to help EFL and ESL teachers use ICT and new technology. (English)
  • Nik’s Quick ShoutNews, Links and Opinion on Learning, Technology, Web 2.0 and EFL, ESL. (English)
  • Not So Distant FutureAbout technology, libraries, and schools. (English)
  • Redmamy’s Daf BlogDeutsch als fremdsprache. (German)
  • Reflections on TeachingThe author uses this blog as a place for her to reflect on best practices, and the practices she’s (trying to) putting in place in her classroom.” (English)
  • Réseaux Education FLE LanguesBlog covering both old and new Internet resources for learners and teachers of English. Not only reviews and presentations, but also advice on how to get the most out of it. (French)
  • Sean Banville’s BlogLanguage Teaching, Teacher Education & New Technologies. (English)
  • Sprachen lernen webBlog about language learning through the internet. (German)
  • SprachenNetzInformation, news and links about online language learning. (German)
  • SprachnetMedia-based learning in foreign languages, including podcasts and videos. (German)
  • Stephen’s Web“I work for the National Research Council, Institute for Information Technology, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I specialize in online learning, content syndication, and new media.” (English)
  • Steve HargadonK-12 Educational Technology: Web 2.0, Free and Open Source Software, and the Future of Education. (English)
  • Teach42Education and Technology. Looking att different tools to use and how to use them, by Steve Dembo. (English)
  • Teachers Teaching TeachersA weekly webcast on the EdTechTalk channel of the WorldBridges network. (English)
  • Teaching in SecondLifeReflections of a language teacher. (English)
  • The GITS BlogAbout programming, translation and Japan. (English)
  • The Learned Man!Covering research, news, and trends in instructional technology and e-Learning. (English)
  • The Learning Circuits BlogThe LC Blog is a community feature of Learning Circuits. It is dedicated to sharing ideas and opinions about the state of learning and technology. (English)
  • The Power of Educational TechnologyDemonstrating the power of technology to transform learning, energize communities and inspire innovative thinking. (English)
  • Translation TribulationsA rabble-rousing mix of commentary and coaching for technology and issues affecting language service providers and their clientele. (English)
  • Ubiquitous ThoughtsThoughts and Ideas about Teaching, Learning, and Ubiquitous Computing. (English)
  • Un blog pour apprendre, apprendre avec un blogReflexions and articles about blogs as learning spaces. (French)
  • Wedblogg-edLearning with the read/write web. (English)
  • Day-BlogUse of internet resources (websites, exercises) for the reason of learning language efficintly. (Russian)
  • DigilearningChinese Blog on Digital Learning. (Japanese)
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