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  1. Wow, thanks so much! Lisa and I feel downright flattered to have Pukka German placed so high in your Top Language Podcast list. Thank you so much for your recognition and for your vote of confidence in our colloquial German podcast. It means loads to us and we’re really chuffed 🙂

    Also congrats to those involved in all the podcasts listed above. Some of your shows I listen to on occasion myself and I feel that the standard and value of the language podcasts being produced is super. Not so long ago I wouldn’t have been able to fully appreciate the energy and dedication that goes into the conception, recording and production a podcast. Now I do, so good on ya everyone and keep up the terrific work!


  2. Hi, not sure how to let you know about a language learning podasct I think is well done, so here’s this comment. It’s the Incontro Italiano podcast for learning Italian, great Italian voices and info about Italy, the website is