♫ We carry the heritage of freedom ♫

Since 1922, the Autonomy Day of the Åland Islands has been celebrated on the 9 of June in order to commemorate the first assembly of the Parliament of Åland.

If you read our last article about the Åland Islands, then you already know a bit about what this day really means. In short, this is a celebration of the fact that Åland isn’t just like any other part of Finland, but an autonomy, that is, an autonomous region. Apart from being able to make our own laws within many different fields, we also have our own:

  • flag
  • stamps
  • postal service
  • internet domain – .ax

And how do we celebrate this day you may ask? Well, there is a lot of:
SE Aland day Intext

  • music
  • singing
  • cake and pancake eating
  • speeches
  • flag processions
  • general gatherings

Especially one song in particular is heard at every gathering, namely the Song of the Ålander (Swedish Ålänningens sång), our unofficial national anthem. Basically, this song, like every other national anthem, points out the beauties of the region. First of all, its nature is praised with its waters and greens. It’s almost ridiculous what a depicting language that’s used to convey this splendour! Secondly, its hardworking and honourable people is emphasised as the source of its special status. Third and finally, and perhaps most importantly (?), the fact that the Åland Islands are Swedish-speaking is highlighted. Take part in the celebrations by listening to it below (subtitled in both Swedish and English)!


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