10 better things to do than work

I had been thinking about the topic for today’s article for about a week. I thought about it, I had several ideas, I started writing, I stopped writing, I looked at Facebook, I stopped working, I started doing something else. After a week of repeating this procedure, on Sunday night, I finally had the greatest idea. Why not write an article about procrastination since I seem to do it a lot lately?

If you never heard the word (which I seriously doubt), procrastination basically means putting off things. Maybe the fact that you are reading this article and watching the video means that you are procrastinating right now.


Tales Of Mere Existence: Procrastination


Yes, of course, procrastination is serious and might result in stress and serious psychological disease. On the other hand, it is said to be normal to some extent. We tend to put off things we don’t really want to do or are boring, or replace them by things that are less boring. (By the way, I would never think that unloading a washing mashine is more enjoyable than writing an article. Well, apparently it is.)

Ok, let’s have a look at things you might want to do while procrastinating:

1. Check Facebook, e-mail and discussion forums you follow. Of course. An emergency might have happened while you were working!

2. Check the fridge. Something yummy might be in there.

3. Read the news. It’s important to be up-to-date.

4. Shop online.

5. Is someone you want to talk to on Skype, Facebook chat or ICQ? Yes? So, what are you waiting for? Networking is important!

6. Do household chores. I mean, they need to be done, right?

7. Cook. (That’s probably the only thing I would never do. No essay or article is worse than cooking. But it might work for you.)

8. Check Facebook one more time.

9. Write a to-do list. Let’s be brutally honest here: To-do lists just give you a fake feeling that you are actually working while – let’s face it – you just doodle.

10. Do a test on procrastination. When you’re done, do a test about anything else.


Have a great start of the new week and let us know your favourite way to procrastinate!


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