10 Efficient Writing and Editing Tools for ESL Students

Writers often say “write drunk, edit sober.” Writing is always the first step. Write until you are done – but editing can be a dreaded second step. For students who speak English as a second language, writing in English – with its many rules and complications – might need some help. The following online applications can help you to improve the quality of your writing.

Hemingway Editor
The Hemingway Editor is an extensive and detailed editing application. Found online, a user can check the flow and readability of their writing. It highlights lengthy and more complex sensitives. This application uses sentence analysis length, density, and splitting logic. This editor will help your writing to become more concise, easier to read and understand. The Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.

Pro Writing Editor
The online editor, Pro Writing, suggests thousands of style improvements. It measures readability so that you can breeze through your editing. It will catch style mistakes, the passive voice, lengthy sentences, and even plagiarism. Try it free with word count limits, or go Premium to analyze full chapters, reports, articles, and more.

Readability.io is an online application that helps you to understand how well others can read your writing. Readability.io includes tools such as file, document, and URL readability engines. Quantify your content and supercharge your writing.

Assignment help
Sometimes you need an extra eye to get your writing where it needs to be! Essay Roo is a quality, reliable editing, and proofreading assistance tool. From high school through to Graduate level studies, the team of editors at Essay Roo is expertly equipped to make your writing the best that it can be.

Easy Word Count
For some, it can be only too easy to run over word count on a report or a piece of copy. Proper word count is important for conciseness and measure. Easy Word Count, a free online character and word count tool, makes it easy to manage word count. Complemented with high technology, over 2 million words from 77,000 words have been counted so far! Copywriting, content writing, blogging, and Social Media management rely heavily on word count limits. Worry no more with Easy Word Count.

Slick Writing
Slick Write is a free tool that makes it easy to check writing for grammatical errors and stylistic mistakes. It is lightning fast, customizable to suit your writing style. Slick Write will take your writing to the next level. Inspire confidence in your writing with this free online editing tool.

Custom essay
UK Writings is an editing/proofreading tool. Only qualified editors are used, so you can be sure that your editor’s skill is above par. When you submit your writing to be proofread, you can be confident that it will be free of plagiarism, style issues, and grammatical errors. From high school through dissertation level writing, the editors at UK Writing will help make your writing a success.

Ginger Software
The Ginger Software writing took wants you to express yourself well. Provided are applications available for your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. Ginger Software features a grammar checker, dictionary, sentence rephrase, a translation tool, personal trainer to improve your English. Ginger Software also has a text reader tool so you can hear your writing spoken aloud.

Paper Fellows
Paper Fellows offers students an invitation to a knowledgeable community of writers and editors. From high school to Graduate level studies, the team at Paper Fellows is experienced, skilled, and dedicated to making your writing the best that it can be.

Write my essay
Boom Essays is an editing/proofreading assistance tool. Boom provides affordable services catered to university-level writing. The editors at Boom Essays have years of experience working with academic writing, and you can count on their skill and expertise to take your writing to the next level.

Write Often, Edit Thoroughly

There is a lot of work that goes into writing well. Because it is an important skill for colleges and employers alike, you should work on this skill as often as you can. If you are struggling to write in English as well as you do in your native language, there are resources to help. There is no need to worry when you have the tools to help you succeed!

Gloria Kopp is a writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a business writer, now she works as a content manager at Australian Help. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, Huffingtonpost etc.

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