10 Good Reasons to Learn Norwegian

bab.la just released its 24th dictionary last week. The Norwegian-English one! But what reasons are there to learn Norwegian despite the fact that it’s such a small language?

1. Norwegian is supposed to be an easy language to learn. In case you’re struggling with German, it’s not too late to start with Norwegian now!

2. Learn more words (nuances) for snow! In Norwegian we have an endless list for words expressing snow, lack of snow, slippery snow, too much snow, hard snow, soft snow, fresh snow, wet snow and so on.

3. Learn a Scandinavian language! Learning Norwegian allows you to easily understand and learn Danish and Swedish in addition. It’s been said that Norwegian is the best starting point for people wanting to learn all the Scandinavian languages!

4. Send postcards to your family from odd locations. Many Norwegian words and location names have different meanings in other languages. For instance, you can take the train to Hell station while visiting Norway.

5. Read Jo Nesbø in the original language.

6. Create as long words as you want without being busted by the grammar police! In Norwegian you can combine nouns without hyphenating! Like: “Minoritetsladningsbærerdiffusjonskoeffisientmålingsapparaturene”, which means “minority charging carrier diffusion coefficient measurement apparatus”, or something like that…

7. Understand metal music. When you know the language the lyrics are in, it might be easier to at least read them. Haven’t you wondered what the metal bands are singing? Erm… I mean screaming?

8. If you’re single, travel north! Norwegians have Viking blood in their vanes. They live long and can guarantee you some beautiful and strong children. The Bieb commented on how good looking the Norwegian girls are after his 2012 Oslo promo.

9. Entertainment! In addition to its attractive people, the long country of Norway has a bombastic landscape and several witty dialects to offer!

10. Norwegians are often told that it sounds like they’re singing when they talk to each other. Among other things, I’ve heard that I sound like a smurf and a hobbit and that it sounds like an imaginary language I’m just making up.

So what are you waiting for? Start learning Norwegian today 😀

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