10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

Spanish seems to be a fashionable language to learn nowadays. I don’t know exactly when this trend started but quite often I meet people who speak Spanish, who are learning Spanish, who moved to Spain or people who want to travel around Latin America. If you’re one of those eager Hispanists this list might offer interesting facts on Spanish, and if you’re not so sure about Spanish this list will hopefully persuade you:

• Spanish is the second most spoken language of the world in terms of the number of native speakers, and the third most spoken in number of speakers (native or not)

• Spanish is spoken in all continents of the world (in Oceania: Easter Island, in Africa: Equatorial Guinea, in Asia: The Philippines)

• Spanish, after English, is the most widely spoken language in the U.S.

• It’s the official language of 21 countries.

• It’s an official language in many international organizations (UN, EU, NAFTA)

• Spanish is the fourth most used language on the Internet (After English, Japanese and German)

• The number of Spanish speaking people is increasing rapidly due to the very high birth rate. (This means we’ll be taking over the world soon :P)

• After learning Spanish learning other Romance languages (such as Italian, French and Portuguese) will be a piece of cake!

• Pronunciation is easy! After learning a couple of simple rules you’ll be able to read Spanish without any problems.

• Learn Spanish to properly experience our culture! If you like our music, our traditional food, and our lifestyle but you don’t speak the language you’re just another tourist.

So, do you want to start now? Try out this test for beginners!

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  1. Immersion is one of my favorite aspects of language learning. I can watch movies, listen to music and radio in Spanish. I think that helps to activate the memory and keep my Spanish head of all time.

  2. if we want grow in our life we should have learn more than one language. thanks man its really nice blog

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