15 emotions every language learner has gone through

1. The feeling when you want to say something but you don’t have the right words in your target language:


2. The feeling when you meet someone who is more fluent than you:

but also…

3. The feeling when someone finds out you’re learning a foreign language and they want you to say something in that language:

No thank you.

4. .. unless they happen to be very attractive:

*flirts in Spanish*

5. The feeling when everyone else in your language class is moving up to the C1-level but you’re stuck in B2:

Where’s my cake?!

6. The feeling when your teacher asks you something and you have no idea what they said:

7. The feeling when you’re surrounded by native speakers for the first time:

50 % excitement, 50 % panic.

8. The feeling when someone makes fun of your pronunciation:

9. The feeling when you just can’t get your head around the crazy grammar…

10. … and you’re just about to give up…

11. … but then you finally understand:

Champagne for everybody!

12. The feeling when you overhear someone saying that your target language is ugly:

How DARE you.

13. The feeling when you say something and immediately realize it didn’t make any sense:

Wait, what? No, forget that.

14. The feeling when you meet your tandem partner for the first time and you realize they can’t really speak your target language:

“I just thought it would be nice to make new friends”. NO.

15. Finally: the feeling when a native speaker compliments you on your language skills:

It’s like a warm hug, but better. <3


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