16 things I learnt in Hamburg

  1. That “regular water” here means “sparkling water” (Why? I don’t know).
  2. That at the Hamburg KurzFilmFestival you can have the weirdest drinks in the weirdest bars.2
  3. That even if Steindamm (the street I live in) is known as the gutter of Hamburg, I keep thinking it’s the poshest street in the city, and I can prove it.3
  4. That cigarettes are sold in supermarkets, near the till (and this is particularly shocking for me, because in Italy that’s where Kinder eggs are! …Cigarettes? WTF?).4
  5. That I can carry a king-size mattress to the other side of the city on a Sunday morning without a car, and survive.5
  6. That what they say about the French people’s patriotism is true.6
  7. That work can be fun, if you have the right colleagues.
  8. That as soon as the sun comes out, city parks turn into Woodstock.8
  9. That love is in the air. 9
  10. That the smell of grilled meat is in the air, too. All the time.
  11. That here they have pocket, disposable barbecues (and this might be the explanation for point no.9).11
  12. That finding a room in this city is VERY hard, but if you are lucky, you might find a house with a staircase that looks like a Wes Anderson film set, with lovely roommates that cook an Indian welcome dinner for you. 12
  13. That friendship overcomes distances. 13
  14. That a man from Marche, like a diamond, is forever. Especially if he can cook. 14
  15. That in Hamburg the weather changes all the time, and it is not always cold: for example, you can become the office clown by wearing a black wool outfit on a day when the temperature is 30 degrees. 15
  16. That, in spite of the weather, Hamburg can be a pretty amazing place to live. 16banner_en-1024x153 [Italiano]

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