My journey into German pop music –part 4

I’ve been always a fan of The Cardigans. Nina Persson is such a charismatic and compelling frontwoman. Peter Svensson, the main songwriter of the band, is a very talented guitarist/songwriter with class. The rest of the band are solid as well. There is something irresistible and instantly attracting with this successful band formula of having a solid backing band, a songwriter that writes sweet melodies and a very attractive female singer thrown in it. I’ve also admired bands such as Sleeper and more recently Rilo Kiley. I enjoyed these bands even when I was not capable of comprehending what they are saying. I mean, given melodies that capture you in an instant, fragile yet sometimes very powerful female vocal, and yes a hot woman fronting the band, what else do you want?

German Electro Pop
Klee, a German pop band formed in Cologne, is not an exception to the rule. They got an attractive female frontman, Suzie Kerstgens, who carries delicate melodies in a warm comforting voice. The rest of the band (dudes, naturally) provide classic electro pop backing with danceable kicks. With little aggression of distorted guitars, I personally think that Klee’s musical style is very much comparable to that of New Order, especially their work from the recent years, not the 80’s.

Akin to New Order, Klee indeed offer gritty electro dance rock tunes emphasized by insisting synth sounds and driving beats. But I actually find these tunes rather on a little cheesy side. However, their softer pop ballads stand out distinctively with simplified arrangements and appeal me a whole lot more. Flowing on plain drum patterns, the sensible voice of Suzie Kerstgens brings out enormous sense of sentiment complemented by quietly enchanting synth notes. Their melodies and the lyrics strike me as quite melancholic and always leave me nostalgic in a very delightful manner.

They seem to share a lot of elements with New Order specifically in their ‘Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’ period. Nostalgia, melancholy and sentiment are obviously the key words here. If you are a fan of New Order, Klee will be their female-vocal counterpart for you very satisfyingly. Or if you like 90s/00s melancholic alternative pop/rock, you should give them a listen and indulge yourself in a few minutes of their charming pop sound. (Incidentally, Klee apparently went on a tour in China! in 2009. German pop music going worldwide…)


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