Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 11 – Helsinki

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On top of touring Europe, you are gradually becoming an expert in geography – you should now know most if not all Scandinavian countries and their respective capitals by heart! Are holidays not the best cultural experience you could hope for?

So this is Helsinki, one of the most northern capitals in the world – have you brought your sweaters along? Not to worry if you were not expecting such a cold climate, there are plenty of stores that can provide you with typical Finnish woolly jumpers – and you can find some of very high quality!

Minä en puhu suomea (or do you?)

Hop on bus 615 from the airport to reach the city centre. This journey will cost you €4.00 and 35 minutes of your time; but once in central Helsinki you can reach everything by foot. So what are we going to see? The most recognisable building around is the Lutheran Cathedral: it is big, on a pedestal and sparkling white. Talking about religious buildings, there are many of them in Finland that are architecturally speaking quite interesting; however I will not go into details to keep this article of reasonable length. While you are in the middle of the city, stroll through the Kauppatori (market square), where Finnish life takes place. Right next to it lies the Esplanadi Park, full of Finns enjoying the sunshine during the summer days. A nice sample of the Finnish sweet way of life! When you are done with the Helsinki city centre, head north-west for the Sibelius monument. That sculpture is one of a kind and one of the most famous sights in Finland. Back to the southern-most part of Helsinki, you can catch a ferry that will sail you to Suomenlinna, an island in the middle of the Gulf of Finland – definitely a nice spot for only €4.00!

Cold weather – only one solution

So Helsinki is likely to be the coldest place you have visited so far. The good news is, there is no better city to go for a sauna! For only €8.00, you can get in at Hermanni and you will have access to a full, traditional Finnish sauna. Once you have had your relaxing time, check in at Hostel Stadion. A night will cost you €20.00, however it is a fair deal given the price of accommodation in Helsinki. Among the numerous Finnish delicacies I have tried, I found myself weak for pulla cakes. To be eaten at any time of the day or the night!

Back at the airport via bus line 615 (€4.00), book a flight for Warsaw, Poland. Air Baltic has some of the best deals and you can fly there for €58.56. See you in Warsaw!

How was your own Finnish trip? Have you unveiled some great restaurant or fun location? Share it with us in the comment below!

Total spent, inc. travel: €98.56 (food & drinks: €15.00)

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