My study-exchange experience at the Linc Spanish School in Seville

I’m an Italian girl that is participating in a European project in Seville, Spain. I arrived a month ago and have enrolled in an intensive Spanish course, since I have never studied the language before. The school where I study, the Linc Spanish School, is very good. The professor is always prepared and there are only a few students in our group, which allows us to learn better and faster. I have also had the opportunity to meet new people, thanks to the school’s extracurricular activities.

During these few weeks, I have often participated in the school’s cultural activities because they allow me to visit the city, learn about history, discover unknown and hidden places, and get in touch with local culture and people.

Seville is a city filled with history and monuments that make it very interesting. The beauty of the city center impressed me as much as the presence of ancient and modern artistic elements.

The school’s extracurricular activities also allowed me to enjoy the city’s nightlife, visiting low-cost restaurants and bars, and tasting typical tapas.

During the week, as well as on the weekends, I often feel spoiled with so many nightlife choices: bars, concerts, and different places to listen to music, dance or watch a flamenco show.

The city also offers many activities (mostly for free) that you can participate in: conferences, movies, theatre, language courses… all of these have allowed me to meet new people from different countries and practice my Spanish.

I was impressed by people’s helpfulness and kindness in the city. This gave me the opportunity to make new friends.

This experience has not only allowed me to learn a new language, but also to discover a different culture and to meet new people. Another thing that makes Seville beautiful is the temperature, always warm with many sunny days, even in winter.


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