3 most creative egg decorations

What to do with all the eggs after Easter

Easter passes by and now most of us probably wonder what to do with all those eggs we bought for the feast. There are still some in the Easter basket painted so beautifully that we regret eating them, but what about the rest we put in the fridge? I hope that today’s article will add some creativity to your egg dishes, so that your already-stuffed-with-white-sausages-bellies could cope this Easter with even more food!

  1. Devilish eggs


                This is very easy to prepare: just boil the eggs and cut their “heads” off. Now replace it with same-sized heads of tomatoes. You can do the characteristic white spots on the mushrooms’ hats with the pieces of the eggs you cut before, so that nothing is wasted, or just with some cheese or mayonnaise. Arrange mushrooms on some lettuce leaves to get the best visual impression, and then sit comfortably in your boss chair to listen to the chewing sounds of admiration.

  1. Sweet Togepi


Preparing such eggs is undoubtedly the best way to encourage the youngest children to eat, or those who still remember the Pokémon Saga. Just paint an adorable Togepi on the shell of the boiled egg, although I suggest to use a special pen to paint on the Easter eggs. The usual one will not only filter through the egg, but also can be very toxic.

  1. Baby chickens and friends

PL_Eastereggs_intext3                This version requires a bit more creativity and is dedicated to those people who have not spent their childhood with the Game Boy. Although these chicks personally remind me of some new animated fairy tale: The Minions, which unfortunately have no hilarious Polish name so far. However, as the leitmotiv you can use all kinds of animals. Ideally, you can of course use the more round ones: pigs, mice or pandas.

I wish you all tasty eggs!






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