3 Most Popular Articles of October on Lexiophiles

Let’s have a quick look at October’s most popular articles!

1st place

The Biggest Language Learning Myth, Debunked (Ibolya)

With this article, Ibolya is encouraging readers to pick up learning a new language and to not pay any attention to the common myths that people tend to use as excuses, such as the most popular one: it’s very difficult to learn a language as an adult, if you already missed your chance as a child. Learning new languages has plenty of benefits and its easier than you think. So read the article, get motivated and start today!

2nd place

Survive in Vietnam – Episode 1 (Hau)

It is Hau’s debut article about her home country of Vietnam and it will teach you how to “survive” your Vietnamese experience if you happen to find yourself around those parts – and we definitely recommend you to! Learn how to say “Oh my God!”, “that’s expensive!” or simply how to ask for dog meat (we would prefer if you wouldn’t)! So have a look at Hau’s article and learn more about Vietnam.

3rd place

What (not) to eat – Vietnamese food for daredevils part 1

This is Hau’s second article and it brings you a new episode in the saga of survival in Vietnam. With this one, we learned about different types of food that might be a liiiitlle to much for foreign stomachs to handle. See here some Vietnamese culinary specialities and decide for yourself if you are brave enough to try them! We strongly recommend that you do.

Keep an eye on us this month, as we have 3 (three!!) new contributors: Lúcia from Brazil, George from Cyprus and Max from Germany. So look forward to new and exciting articles!    

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