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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Learning a Dialect

A mixture of languages forms a dialect that is spoken by people from different regions or ethnic groups. For dialects, the pronunciations and words used slightly differ from the “standard” language. Thinking that a dialect could be “wrong” is just trivial.  A “tongue” is a prevailing symbol of social solidarity; this makes a dialect much more important for the people,as they don’t even bother using correct language all the time.

A dialect can be used by the people to send social messages. So, learning a dialect can open many doors for you. People from different ethnic groups have different styles of expressing themselves, so learning a dialect can certainly improve your communication with them. Would you consider learning a new dialect? Let me give you 3 reasons why you should.

  1. Opening New Opportunities for You

Learning different dialects can make you a more respectable person. Talking to a specific ethnic group in their dialect will make your communication much more prosperous. Foreign people will open up to you much easier. You must treat each dialect as a different language.

A good example is Mandarin Chinese, as a standardized language used in China. However, a big part of Chinese population uses dialects. So, for example, if you want to conduct a business in Hong Kong, knowing Cantonese is a huge advantage. Another interesting example would be that people from US have different styles of greeting. They all differ from state to state.

In some places, after saying “hello” people might ask you “how are you?” or “where are you from?”Answering their polite questions using the right knowledge will allow them to get to know you just a little bit, even if you haven’t yet deepened the relationship with them. Keep in mind that understanding a dialect can help you understand which are the most important aspects that a specific ethnic group values.

  1. It Will Help You Learn Other Languages Easier

A lot of dialects have different linguistic roots and connections with other foreign languages. This will makeit easier for you to learn those languages which have that kind of connection. Plus, knowing a dialect deepens your knowledge about the culture and about the country, since both elements are strongly connected.

Learning different dialects can even help you understand your native language better by researching the origins of the words and their history. If you’re willing to do this work, your communication skills will greatly improve.Knowing the real meaning of the words you speak will help you use them in the best possible manner.

  1. It’s Fun and It Develops Your Mind

When you learn a new dialect, you are training your brain in numerous ways. As a result, you will become a faster learner because you’re constantly using your cognitive abilities to learn new information.

While studying a dialect, another good exercise for your brain is the fact that you’re constantly thinking how to put the words together in a sentence so they make sense. That’s mental effort, indeed, but it is really necessary for making progress with any memorizing process

Constant learning keeps you young. Learning a new language/dialect can even protect you against different diseases like Alzheimer. This might be the best exercise for your brain, so make sure you start learning.

A writer at Aussiewritings.com was eager to confirm this during a recent interview. He was on the edge of being diagnosticated with Alzheimer when he took initiative and startedto learn the Mozambican dialect. Believe it or not, his disease hasn’t advanced till this day.

Dialect learning can be fun as well. For example, studying it with a friend can help both of you learn it quicker. By using interactive games,learning can become even more fun and practical. It has been proven that learning while laughing is a method that really works. This theory was verified by the research made by The American Psychological Association which suggests that: “Humor produces psychological and physiological benefits that help students learn. “.


As you see, learning a dialect can be a really helpful activity that can make you a knowledgeable and respected person. It can help you with your health as well. Studying a “main stream” language can definitely be an advantage but a dialect can make you a unique and highly valued professional. So what are you waiting for? Start learning!

About Author: Olivia is a journalist, content-writer and a bookworm. She loves to teach, read and write. Her second biggest love after books is her cat called Patty, who usually kindly assists her while writing. Follow Olivia on Facebook and Twitter.

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