3 Songs to fall in love with Italian

This article will provide you with interesting material for your Italian learning journey. I have decided to share with you three of my favourite songs by Italian singer-songwriters. They are great to deepen your knowledge of Italian for different and exciting reasons:

  • The lyrics are short with authentic and meaningful texts;
  • They will allow you to get to know more about the Italian singer-songwriting scene;
  • Listening to them is a real pleasure:
  • You can train your pronunciation and memorize new vocabulary singing along.

Are you ready to be enchanted? Here we go!

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La canzone di Marinella – Fabrizio De André (1964)

«E come le più belle cose

Vivesti solo un giorno, come le rose»

One of the most popular songs by Fabrizio De André, it talks about a prostitute who was beaten to death and then thrown into a river. De André stated that, since he could not give her back her life, he could at least write a different version of her death («non potendo fare niente per restituirle la vita, ho cercato di cambiarle la morte»). As is put into verse above, Marinella, like most beautiful things, like the roses, lived only one day.


Lontano Lontano – Luigi Tenco (1966)

«Lontano lontano nel tempo

qualche cosa

negli occhi di un altro

ti farà ripensare ai miei occhi»

This song is very nostalgic and talks about a love which is far, far away. The quote that I have picked can be translated like this: «far away in time, something in the eyes of another man will make you think again about my eyes». Apart from melting your heart, this song is also useful to revise the future.


Carte da decifrare – Ivano Fossati (1993)

«Perché l’amore è carte da decifrare

e lunghe notti e giorni da calcolare

se l’amore è tutto segni da indovinare


se non ho avuto il tempo di imparare»

The lyrics of this song are very challenging. The language is suitable to advanced speakers of Italian: it is full of subjunctives which are used to describe what this love could be. Everyone can interpret this song according to his/her experience. «Decipher» is the right verb to use in this instance, it is what Fossati asks us to do: love is something to be deciphered or guessed, understanding it keeps us awake at night and at the end we never have enough time to learn (paraphrase of the quote). After having listened to it, you can try this quiz about conditional sentences in Italian.


 What songs do you use to learn Italian? I am looking forward to your comments!


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