3 Spanish Authors to Read in ‘La Lengua De Cervantes’

For those who are passionate about reading and who feel ready to read in Spanish at an advanced level, here I present you 3 contemporary author suggestions for you to improve your language skills while sunbathing this summer!

  1. Laura Gallego: author of young adult literature, Gallego’s career kicked off with Finis Mundi, a mix of fantasy and history. However, her biggest success would come with The Idhún’s Memories, a trilogy about dragons and prophecies. Like I said, her books are aimed at a teen audience but this is precisely what makes them a good start on your way towards advanced reading: they are easy to read and very entertaining.

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  1. Arturo Pérez-Reverte: moving on to a more realistic literature we find the author of the well-known Alatriste series of novels. Reverte is not just a novelist and a member of the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy) but a journalist too. In fact, he worked as war correspondent for over 20 years in places such as El Salvador and Bosnia. Although many of his novels are related to Spanish history, many others deal with some of the most prominent modern society’s issues, like drug-trafficking. You can read Reverte in both his novels (Comanche Territory, The Fencing Master or The Queen of the South, to name a few) and his journal articles.

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  1. Julia Navarro: just as the latter, Navarro divides her time between journalism and literature. Her novels usually combine several story lines set in different timeframes, and deal with issues from the past that somehow have remained to this day. For instance, violence and radicalism resulting from religious intolerance or the complicated relationship between economic interests and social welfare. Two of her most outstanding works are The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud and Tell Me Who I Am, although my personal recommendation is The Blood of the Innocent.

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