3 steps to become a storyteller while travelling abroad

Travelling is something most people love doing. It is great to be in a new city or in a completely foreign country. The tourism is a huge activity nowadays because travelling became essential to many people looking to broaden their horizons in life.

But travelling is more than doing tours in buses or staying in a fancy hotel.

An important part of travelling abroad is experiencing the culture by its people, the foreigners that you will meet. If you are passionate about taking pictures of beautiful places and love sightseeing, you should also consider recording your experiences with people you meet. That is why I give you 3 simple steps for you to become a storyteller while living abroad.

1 – Start a blog

It may be quite strange to suddenly stop people in the streets and ask them questions. But if you give yourself a reason to do it, like starting a blog about your experience abroad, filling it with images, videos, audio or text is a great excuse to make lasting registrations of your time abroad.

2 – Be curious and brave

For one day in your travelling experience, ask a stranger questions, follow him or her around and understand his or her life, jobs and passions. You will see how much you can learn from a complete stranger.

With our smartphones being able to record video, audio and take pictures, there is literally no excuse to not do it.

3 – Volunteer in the community

By volunteering with the locals, you will get to know people who do meaningful work in the community. Those people are usually so passionate about the work they do, that they will be super happy to answer your questions so you can create a nice documentary work.



I have memorable interactions with locals, but one of my favourites is my talk with Jerry Rose. He is a 80 year-old man who loves volunteering as an actor and director of a local community theatre in Gainesville, Florida. You can hear him talking here.



So, if I can do it, you can do it as well! You will end up seeing a completely different side of the country you chose to visit or to live abroad.


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