3 tips on how to learn a language

More than a month of 2013 has passed and you’re still holding on to your resolution to learn a new language? Good! It’s been ages since I’ve tried to learn a completely new foreign language so learning Spanish is a little harsh on me. These are my tips on how to stay motivated and learn at the same time.

1) Watch movies
Oldie, but goodie. I’m sure the DVDs with your favorite movie or TV series are in different languages. And since you’ve seen them before, chances are that you’ll really understand and catch a few new useful phrases. At first, it might be only a few words, but that will soon change. Hearing the real language will also help you get used to the rhythm and pronunciation.

2) Try to use the language, no matter how
It doesn’t matter where or how. As long as you’ll be using the target language, it’s fine. You can easily talk to yourself! Tell yourself about your day, what you’re doing now. It feels strange at first, but then there is only a small step from talking to other people. To learn vocabulary, write the names of things around you on post-its and stick them to the things. Make little paper cards with vocabulary and carry them around – you might never know when you’ll have to wait 5 minutes in a never-ending queue. So why not use your time efficiently? To remember the foreign words, doodle, write them down 100 times, use colorful markers, make mnemotechnical aids, create stories with the words. Basically, whatever might help, no matter how crazy it might seem, do it!

3) Identify weaknesses
The weakest part needs to be practised the most. Are you good at listening and understanding? Maybe it’s time for you to start speaking! Are you good at speaking? Great, then sit down and write something. Maybe it’ll be fine, maybe you’ll identify your weakest point in the language.

And yes, drilling might be helpful as well.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to learn something? Share your story with us!


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