3 Types of People you definitely don’t want to stand next to at Public Viewing

Thank God, it’s FIFA World Cup Time again! Time to meet with friends, go to a public viewing place and enjoy a good football game with thousands of people. Sounds good? Well, at least if you don’t stand next to these three annoying types of people…

#1: The “Normally-I-don’t-watch-football”-type: painted fingernails in black-red-gold, the newest Germany jersey and some Germany flags painted in their faces – they don’t go to public viewing to watch the game, but because it is just fun to have a glass of prosecco during the first half and to have a little chat during the game.
The most annoying comments:

• “Ohh, the blond guy is sweet. Who is he?”
• “Normally, I don’t like football. But it’s the World Cup!”
• “I bought a bra with the German flag. Now they HAVE TO WIN!”

#2: The “I-know-it-better-than-the-referee”-type: they just know it better. They stand up every two minutes, groan loudly, raise their arms in the air and shake their heads. The people behind them can’t see the screen anymore and then there is this famous question: “Did you guys see that???” – Uhhh… No? But I would have loved to see that. Thanks.
The most annoying comments:

• “The German team shows its strength in a match and not before that. They are strong right on time.”
• “Offside!!! That was offside!”
• “Referee, are you freaking blind?!”

#3: The “Another-occasion-to-get-drunk”-type. You call it public viewing, they call it public drinking. This type is not even really interested in football but he likes the fact that anyone can see him getting drunk and that everyone is in the mood to party after the game (if the team won, of course).
The most annoying comments:

• “When are they finished? I want to party now!”
• “Where is my beer?”
• “Sorry for getting you wet with my beer.”

In order to enjoy public viewing, take a good look around you and even if you are standing next to one of those types, try to ignore them – with your back getting wet from beer and your shitty place where you can’t see anything at all. At least you tried to have fun.


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