3 ways to start a day in Hanoi as a local

Good morning! Are you an early bird?

This list gives you some suggestions to start your day and get ready for a new day in Hanoi.

  1. Do morning exercises near a lake

Doing morning exercises at a nearby lake is how many Hanoians choose to start a new day. There are many lakes in Hanoi. Early in the morning, you can see that the parks nearby the lakes are full of people, from a group of women of all ages practising aerobics with loud music to an old man silently running around the lake. You will never be alone while exercising here because everyone will join you with highest spirit. Fresh air, motivated atmosphere and morning sounds, better than any well-equipped gym in town!

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  1. Have breakfast with a steaming hot bowl of Phở (Vietnamese Beef Noodles)

Phở is one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes for internationals. It’s also the most favourite breakfast dish for Hanoians. Phở in Hanoi is known for its authentic, original, balanced and tasty taste. Simply the best!

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  1. Have a cup of coffee in a street-side coffee stall

If you have time in the morning, why not sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee? The locals like to spend time in their favourite street-side coffee stall, reading the news paper or just watching the world go by. The best part is that you can just turn around and have a talk with your coffee-mate at the next table. From serious world issues to daily stories, you will always find someone to share it with!

Read more about Vietnamese coffee here.

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How do people spend their morning in your city or country? Let share with us.

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