3+1 perks of cycling to work

Since I moved to Hamburg, I have been riding my bike to work every day and the more I do it, the more I love it! Right now I am considering a long cycling trip, which would cover around 250 kms in four days. Actually, my interest in cycling started last year, when I went on a week-long cycling trip in the Netherlands. Since then I got addicted to it. However, do not think that I am super sporty! I am just an amateur cyclist who loves nature and prefers not to sit in a crowded and smelly bus on my way to work.

So here is my list of the benefits of riding your bike to work (I’m secretly hoping I will get more people into cycling…).

1. The feeling that you have achieved something


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Now I am riding roughly 10 kilometres to my office every day, but even if you do cycling for 10 minutes, you can feel super proud of yourself! Just think about the fact that you have to get your bike out of the garage every morning and you have to focus on not hitting any pedestrians while you are cycling. All these efforts are adding up to your ‘I am not lazy’-pride.

Just a tip: You also have to check the tyres of your bike every morning. It is better to be safe than sorry. Believe me: I had a lot of trouble with flat tyres in the city. It is interesting that most of the party people tend to drop their empty beer glasses on the cycle lanes, so it is always rewarding to be able to survive these “minefields”.

2. Live longer


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If you are not sick and tired of our world, I guess you want to live long and healthily. A bit of exercise before and after work is great for your fitness. Cycling also helps to leave our rushing world and to let the steam off. However, many fear the obvious sweating after exercising; but you can easily avoid the nickname “smelly cat” from your colleagues. The solution is either to have a shower in your office (if you are lucky enough to have the facilities) or just bring fresh clothes to change into.

3. Dodging pedestrians is fun


(Image source: Pixabay)

After a month of cycling in the city, I have a theory that pedestrians are a unique species who have reduced brain capacity. Pedestrians have the habit of walking on the bike lanes and when you ring the bell to indicate that you are approaching them, they will jump in front of you 99% of the time. Still, I am afraid I do the same mistakes when I am peacefully strolling on the streets, so I am not judging you footsloggers!

+1. You can save some money!

In our capitalist world everything is about money. Imagine that by riding your bike you could save the money for public transport and this way you could even save up money for a holiday next summer!

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