How to Write a Successful Language Quiz

Quizzes are a fun way for language learners to practice a new language and evaluate themselves. Here are some tips to create a successful quiz about languages:

What to do

Keep it short – long quizzes tend to make users bored. 10 questions should be enough.

Keep it fun – you don’t want to lose your audience’s attention

Keep it simple – unless you are writing a quiz targeting advanced learners, use common words in order to reach a larger audience

Add explanations – especially when it comes to grammar rules or idiomatic expressions, your users will be thankful if they can understand why their answer was wrong. It might even make them want to take another quiz!

Use pictures – we all like pictures! They will make your quiz a bit more fun and keep your users entertained. However do not use any picture, make sure you have the rights to use them and mention your source.

Think of a catchy title – using “really” or “actually” will make your audience challenged and make them want to take your quiz! Example: How much do you actually know about… ?


Learn languages - language quiz


What not to do

Include tricky answers (such as multiple correct responses or ambiguous ones)

Include stupid answer choices – the quiz should be meaningful for the audience, don’t make the answers too easy and obvious

Use negations or contradictions (which of these words are not…) as it might get users confused

Ask unrelated questions – your quiz needs to be topical

You may now put your new skills to practice, and create a successful language quiz on!



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