4 Good Reasons for Living & Working in Spain

As we’ve already covered France and Germany, it’s time to have a closer look at Spain as well. So if you’re planning on living abroad, here are some good reasons why Spain should be your country of choice.

  1. Laid-back attitude

If you’re from Germany, the country that prides itself of its obsession with punctuality, chances are that you will be pleasantly surprised while working in Spain. Are you fed up with everybody wanting you to be the biggest over-achiever ever, be it at school, at an internship or at your workplace? Fair enough. Thankfully, Spanish work experiences I’ve had were mostly different. People took it a tad easier and valued all the stuff that may not make work being done quicker – but your day happier.

  1. Tapas

Even though the traditional, extended siesta has probably given way to the casual short breaks, enlightening your daily grind – if you’re not the king of workaholics, but value your break, Spain will still be good for you. Why? The nearest tapas bar is likely just round the corner and frequented regularly by your colleagues as well.

Anyone living in the neighborhood is likely to drop by for a snack and a beer- or just to chat. So if you’re used to overpriced, stale-tasting ready-made food, you’ll feel as though you’ve just stepped into a fancy delicatessen-type of place, even in the simplest of bars. What’s on the menu may vary a lot, depending on which region you are in. But a few delicious classics like tortilla, albondigas (meat balls), salads and many other tapas will be there – and even for the one euro dishes you will have plenty of choice. Of course, don’t forget a nice, cold beer to accompany it. No matter if it’s only early afternoon, it’s perfectly acceptable to have one. So enjoy your break!

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  1. Quality time even with little money

With a daily break routine like that, you may already suspect it: In Northern Europe, you’d need to be your own boss to afford it all. So good news for all those who don’t have that particular career step coming soon: affordability holds true for other stuff as well. Not just the food and drinks, but things like your overland bus ticket, trains, entry fees for all the sights – everything is cheaper than what you’re used to. So even if you’re just an intern and technically broke – welcome to paradise, again.

  1. Everything else

And since work’s just the means to an end really (after all, who hasn’t thought of a sunny beach chill-out when deciding whether to go to Spain or not?), even the most monotonous stretch of work seems OK, if living here is what you get in exchange: be it a leisure walk among some of the world’s finest places, an afternoon spent at the beach, hiking, surfing, or just the sun. There’s something perfect to be found for everyone. And all the while some of the most impressive sights are close by, no matter if you’re out in Barcelona or lounging on Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor.

Of course, there’s tons more reasons to go to Spain, and to visit its various regions as well. But if this sounded good to you already – see you there…


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