4 signs to know that you’re living in Vietnam

This article is dedicated to all expats who have lived in Vietnam for a while. If you find a part of yourself here, you know you are getting more and more Vietnamese-like. I hope you enjoy living there.

  1. You know how to ride a motorbike

Riding a motorbike is a crucial skill when you live in Vietnam. There are no other vehicles as suitable and flexible to ride in tiny and crowded streets of Vietnam as a motorbike. If you still wonder why, go out with a car during peak hours and then get stuck in a traffic jam and you will know.

  1. You go to a fresh market every morning to buy fresh foods

Say No to frozen veggies or packaged meats! In Vietnam, veggies are often hand-picked in the early morning and go straight to the market. You can easily find fresh cut meats or newly caught fish there too. In order to choose the best, don’t forget to go shopping early. At noon, the leftovers are not as good any more.

  1. You don’t kiss in public

Sounds strange? But it’s true. Vietnamese people consider kissing extremely private and should only do in private places. Kissing in front of people, especially children, is rarely acceptable. And you respect that.

  1. You eat fish sauce in almost every single meal

You can’t say you are in Vietnam without eating fish sauce. This sauce is an essential seasoning in every Vietnamese dish. Also, in a family dinner, there is always a small bowl of fish sauce as a side, so each family member can use to adjust the food’s flavor to fit their personal taste.


[Tiếng Việt]

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