4 summer folk festivals in Germany

The weather is getting better these days and the beer garden and beach club season has begun. Everybody wants to get to the beach or in the city parks to relax after a stressful day in the office. There are plenty of summer events in Germany which can spice up your leisure time and get you to know the German culture a little bit better.

The folk fair “Kieler Woche”

The sailing regatta takes place in Kiel every year and developed to be one of the most popular events during the folk festival season. Besides various sailing events, concerts of international stars are one of the main attractions of the “Kieler Woche”. Nevertheless, the highlight is the “Windjammer” parade at the end of the festival. Several ships and sailing boats come together for this big gathering. Every year, sailors from all over the world come to Kiel to be part of this sports community fair. As you can see, it is exactly the right thing for sailing lovers or maritime admirers. This year the “Kieler Woche” will take place from the 20th to the 28th of June.

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Marksmen´s Festival and “Lütje Lage”

The biggest marksmen´s festival of the world takes place at the beginning of July in Hannover. The tradition of this festival has its roots in the 15th century. This event brings around 1.5 million people together every year to party for 10 days and enjoy the Hannover festival beer. Around 250 attractions are part of the Hannover “Schützenfest” on the so called “Schützenplatz”. This year the festival will take place for the 486th time.



The biggest folk fair along the Rhein river

In the third week of July the biggest folk fair along the Rhein River is taking place in Düsseldorf. Approximately 4 million visitors come to festival area every year. The event is celebrated in remembrance of the city patron St. Apollinaris from Ravenna and functions as a church consecration festival for the St. Lambertus church in downtown Düsseldorf at the same time. The 10-day festival is started by the mayor’s speech and the so called “Zapfenstreich” – the traditional tapping of the beer keg. The festival parade is the tradition to welcome the king of the marksmen and his wife. Fireworks bring the fair to an end after 10 days.


The “Sommerdom” in HamburgDE_4 folk fests_intext3

If you are in Hamburg for the summer you can´t miss this big event: the Hamburg summer fair called “Sommerdom”. Even if this festival takes place every season, the big fair in St.Pauli is probably the nicest in summer. Good weather and many attractions bring around 3.6 million people to the fairground – the “Heiligengeistfeld” next to the St.Pauli soccer stadium close to the city centre. Fireworks, a Ferris wheel, and many food trucks make this an unforgettable event. This year´s “Sommerdom” starts the 23rd of. July and goes until 23rd of August.



Have fun partying and enjoy!


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