4 Uncommon Brazilian Habits

1 – Not arriving on time

Being late is a part of the Brazilian culture, in Brazil being punctual in certain situations can be weird and unexpected. In a way, Brazilians are always on time with each other, since they expect one another to be late! In Brazil “I’ll be right there” can mean another 30 minutes of delay.

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2 – Excessive personal hygiene

You’ll see that Brazilians wash their hands all the time, holding a sandwich with a napkin, eating a pizza with fork and knife, brushing their teeth after the lunch break at work, all for the sake of keeping everything clean.

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3 – Not being able to say no

Brazilians are very rarely straight to the point when it comes to denying something for someone, a simple “no” feels offensive. If you try to borrow money from a Brazilian, instead of straight up refusing you, they will go on a long explanation about their financial situation, and how they are unable to lend you that money at that moment, at the end, it’s still a no, but one that they think it won’t offend you.

4 – “Stay a little bit longer, it’s so soon…”

If you go to a party being hosted by Brazilians, at the point you decide to leave, be ready to insist and explain your way out of it. They will tell you that you could stay a little longer, that it’s so soon (even if it isn’t), you’ll hear it even if the host desperately wants you to leave. It’s a tradition, all you have to do is vaguely explain your reason to leave “There are somethings I have to do for work/college/school” and you’re good to go!



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