5 ridiculous stereotypes about Asians that are NOT TRUE!! (well, kind of…)

There are so many types of beliefs/perspectives people have toward Asian people. Admittedly, some stereotypes are true but some of them are inaccurate and still some people are resistant to changing their generalization despite new information. Let’s find out the five most irritating stereotypes that people have of Asians. Let’s begin!

Asians are nerds/Asians are good at math: It’s true that Asian parents have high academic standards. This is because they want their kids to be successful so they push their children to study. This is why Asian kids are being perceived as a nerds, but what’s wrong with being a nerd? Bill Gates was a nerd, Steve Job was a nerd, Warren Buffet was a nerd. Nerds are successful!

TH prejudices intext1Asians eat rice at every meal: I hear the same question from my foreign friends over and over again: “Why do Asians eat so much rice?”, “How come you eat so many carbs and stay so lean?” The truth is that every country has their filling food (the food that makes you full); the Europeans have bread or potatoes, the same goes for Asians who have rice as the main dish. But truth be told, it’s not always about rice when it comes to Asian food, we have noodles (made out of rice), rolls, Roti, or even desserts, Mochi, Mango with sticky rice (which is also made from rice.) Hhmmmm… yummy!

TH prejudices intext2

Asians don’t drink much: There’s a research saying that Asians are deficient of enzymes that are part of the alcohol digestion process, that’s why most Asians can’t handle alcohol and barely drink it. But if you take a quick look at the alcohol consumption fact sheet, it shows that South Koreans are the world’s biggest consumers, so it’s obvious that this stereotype is caused by people having misconceptions, and to be honest, it’s pretty annoying sometimes when other people say something to you like “Oh, can you drink it?” I mean…. it’s alcohol. Just shut up and give them the damn glass!

TH prejudices intext3Asians are shy: Not all Asians are shy, it really depends on where and how you were brought up. It might be half true from the western point of view because westerners are more outspoken in public places. But this schmoozing approach doesn’t work the same way with Asians, it can be considered to be disrespectful, aggressive and out of line sometimes if you talk intimately to someone you barely know. But in most cases, Asians are very friendly and fun when they’re talking to someone who they feel comfortable with or at the right situations.

Asians are short: OK, this one is inarguable. Let’s say if you’re tall in Asia, they don’t call you smart or healthy looking, they call you a “giant weirdo”.


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