5 Awesome Brazilian Rockers

Brazilian rock has many amazing artists, although they are not very well known outside of the country, in case you want to check them out, here go a few of the greatest Brazilian rockers:

  1. Cazuza

One of the greatest Brazilian rockers, Cazuza wrote and sang about love, sex, and political freedom, for better or worse his songs remain current for Brazilian society. He was part of the bohemian drugs sex and rock’n’roll generation of Rio de Janeiro, and was one of the first Brazilian artists to publicize the fact of being HIV positive. After his passing, his family founded the Viva Cazuza Society, which supports HIV-positive children and young people.

Some of Cazuza’s greatest classics:

O Tempo Não Para


  1. Cassia Eller

Another strong and controversial personality of Brazilian rock, Eller has strong songs full of energy, wrote and sang about sex, drugs, love and had her songs often censored by the conservative Brazilian society. She was the first admittedly lesbian Brazilian artist.

One of the greatest classics by Cassia Eller:


  1. Rita Lee Jones

The Queen of Brazilian rock is fire, passion, creativity and amazing. Still singing and composing, and commenting on several controversial issues in Brazil.

Some of her greatest classics:

Ovelha Negra

Perto do Fogo with Cazuza

  1. Renato Russo e Legião Urbana

Known for his stunning voice power and reach, even more because it came from such a puny body, Renato and Legião are known for their troubadour music format, long songs which tell stories.

Their classics:

Faroeste Cabloco

  1. Herbert Vianna e os Paralamas do Sucesso

With unique and inspiring songs, the Paralamas continue recording and have a complex and exciting style. Herbert suffered an accident that resulted in him needing a wheelchair, but never stopped him from his musical career.

A few of their classics:

Por Sempre Andar




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