5 beautiful German words that make you feel integrated in the German culture once you have learned

by Berlino Schule*

The German language is not that easy: you need a huge effort and many years of training to start speaking it fluently. One of the most difficult aspects is definitely its rich vocabulary. Nonetheless, there are so many little words for specific situations that make you happy once you are finally able to use them properly.

Doch is a conjunction which has the same meaning as aber (that is but in English). As an emphatic article, doch often stresses a contrast or a certainty. As a single word, it is the affirmative answer to a negative question (Didn’t you go to the cinema yesterday? … Doch!). But even when you’ll speak good German, you’ll keep on answering ja instead of doch sometimes.

Genau is one of the first German words you learn at school, and it means exactly. German people always use it to show attention or to confirm what the interlocutor is saying.

Achso is used to show astonishment or surprise when something you misunderstood before is now clear to you. It is like ahoh or I see. For exemple: Is it not Tim the colleague with whom you argued yesterday?! Achso!

Krass is an adjective used to take something to extremes either in a positive or in a negative connotation. Recently it started taking the place of cool and geil: a party at Berghain can be krass as well as a visit to a concentration camp! You won’t stop using it. Es war richtig krass!

Germans like planning: it is a matter-of-fact. However, they found a way to do things by chance (it is weird, I know!), and for this purpose they usually say spontan. So, it can happen that you will be invited for dinner by some German friends and they will tell you: We can decide “spontan” what to do afterwards!

Life is too short to learn German, but it is not impossible. So why don’t you come over to our school, Berlino Schule, and take the first steps with us?

*Berlino Schule is a language school based in Berlin, known for the high quality of the German language courses it offers. It provides intensive, evening and private classes as well as Skype lessons! Come visit us in Gryphiusstraße 23, Friedrichshain-Berlin. For more info send an email to: [email protected]


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