Italian food lovers (especially if they are Italian) might have a stroke after reading this article. Here is a collection of some of the worst mistakes that people around the world make about what they consider Italian cooking… but it’s not!

CatturaPIZZA – Ok guys, this is a serious matter. Living abroad «I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe ». Spotted living in Germany: pizza pasta, pizza pollo (chicken), pizza kebab and pizza Hawaii. No, pineapples don’t grow in Italy, so no! it’s not Italian, we’d still rather go for vegetables than fruit on our pizza.

FETTUCCINE ALFREDO – If you have been to the US you must have heard of it. There you can find Fettuccine Alfredo on almost any menu, but if you ask for the Alfredo sauce in Italy people would look at you with a puzzled face…” who is Alfredo? A friend of yours?”

CAPPUCCINO (during meal and after meal) – If you catch an Italian staring at you while you are sipping your cappuccino while having lunch, it’s not because you have foam mustache on your face. In Italy people drink cappuccino only for breakfast. Though, if you feel for some coffee flavor in your mouth after meal, you are very welcome to have an espresso. A real one. In a small cup.

MOZZARELLA – Brazil is an amazing country and eating a Brigadeiro makes you feel in heaven, but do not ask for mozzarella there… they might come up with something which is not barely comparable with the real one.

PASTA AS SIDE DISH – For an Italian, pasta can be nothing but a main course. It’s a sort of law, a religion. That’s why I was a bit shocked when I saw people abroad having a steak with some farfalle as side dish. « Nobody puts Pasta in a corner ». Oh, and ketchup is NOT tomato sauce. Keep it for the French fries please.

The list could be way longer… what about you? Do you have any doubts about our traditional cooking? Do you know some wrong stereotypes about your own country?


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