5 Days of Summer

DE summer cover DEOkay guys, I think I have to disappoint you – this is not a review of one of the greatest movies ever and I did not forget the two zeros after the 5 (500). This is about the German summer. Yes, we have one! There is a small amount of days in Germany, where you can actually go swimming in the sea or a lake. You can have the courage to wear shorts and a top without getting a cold or to be looked at as a total weirdo.

The thing about summer in Germany is that most of the time it is just annoying, especially if you are living in a big city like Hamburg or Berlin. When the first warm days arrive (as I mentioned there are not many of them), people get crazy and would probably murder someone for the last nice places where you can enjoy the sun. Nearly everyone is outside, sitting on the benches, sitting in cafes, sitting at a lake, sitting EVERYWHERE – apart from sitting at home. So in summer, the whole city is full of people, sweating as hell because they are not used to hot temperatures, trying to show that they REALLY enjoy German summer and yearning for more hot days to come.

DE Summer IntextThis is the only time of the year that Germans don’t complain at all, at least not for the first warm days. After a while, they even complain that it is too hot. The ones that do not complain wait until the German summer is over and then travel to their “second Germany” – Mallorca, where they can have a real summer. And of course you must not forget the German’s favourite sports in summer – having a big barbecue with an immense amount of steak, bratwurst and other meat-based food. A German is nothing without his grill. The bigger the better.

And when Germans sit in their garden or in a park, there is only one topic: the great weather, or if some hot days have already passed, the totally annoying hot hell. You don’t just use the weather as a conversation starter, but you use it for the rest of a two hour conversation, too.

You’ll notice: We Germans love our summer! At least for the first couple of hot days…

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