5 German words everyone learns in Hamburg

Whether you already know some German when you get to Hamburg or you can only say Kartoffel (German for potato), there’s a bunch of words you will most probably learn in the Free and Hanseatic City. In this article, I have selected five everyone learns in their first week here.


Moin (also Moin, Moin) is the most natural way of greeting someone in northwestern Germany. This does not mean you have to forget about Hallo (German for hello) or Guten Morgen (German for good morning), but after a few days you will realise that Moin is used in almost every day-to-day situation, also on the phone!

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Filled with sugar and cinnamon, this delicious pastry is one of the emblems of Hamburg. It can be found in literally every bakery in the city. For about one euro, you can enjoy one for breakfast or just at any time along with a coffee. Franzbrötchen are simply a must when in Hamburg.





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In Hamburg, Astra is not only a car model but also a beer brand. Astra beer is a symbol of the famous Sankt Pauli district, where it was brewed over decades, and can be found everywhere in the city.






The term Reeperbahn is an old-fashioned synonym for Seilerbahn (ropewalk): the place where ropes used to be manufactured. Nowadays, Hamburg´s Reeperbahn is famous for completely different reasons. It has become the heart of the city´s red-light district, a sinful mile offering all kinds of night activities for adults.

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After a night at the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s Fischmarkt can be a very interesting last stop before going back home. Located on the right bank of the river Elbe, this fish market is not just a place where you can buy and eat some fish every Sunday morning. Here you can also find almost anything from tropical fruit to clothes. And, if you don’t want the party to stop, you can keep drinking and dancing in the old fish auction hall until 10 am. A really unique experience everyone should try at least once.

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To finish this article, I couldn’t help mentioning the love Hamburgers feel for their city and how highly they think of it. If you come to Hamburg, get ready to hear and read the phrase “die schönste Stadt der Welt” (the most beautiful city in the world), as both citizens and the local media use it to refer to Hamburg more than often.

Have you ever been to Hamburg? If you have, tell us about your experience!


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