5 Good Reasons to Work in France

You are looking for a job, but not sure where to go? Here are five good reasons why you should look for a job in France.

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  1. The 35-hour workweek

Since February 2000, the official working time in France is 35 hours per week (compared to 39 weekly hours previously).

  1. RTT

RTT means ‘reduction of the working time’ (in French réduction du temps de travail). This is a direct consequence of the 35-hour workweek. Anyone working 39 hours a week gets 2 extra days off per month to even out the worked time.

  1. Paid holidays

The official monthly paid leave is 2.5 business days per month. This means 5 weeks of paid annual holidays. And if you work 39 hours a week, you will have twice that time off thanks to your RTT. Yes, that’s a total of 10 weeks a year. Vive la France !


  1. Minimum wage

Whatever your job is, for 151 worked hours per month (35 a week), you will get a minimum of 1,445 Euros (gross amount), that is to say 1,112 Euros net. The hourly amount is 9.53 Euros (gross). Keep in mind that this net income is taxable. To have an idea of how France compares to other European countries, here is a chart showing the evolution of the minimum wage in the UK, Spain and France:

stat minimum wage

  1. Protection of the employees

Once you have a permanent contract, it is really hard to get fired as the French working law is very protective towards employees. However, when an employee gets sacked, he/she then receives unemployment benefits for at least four months, and up to three years, depending on the duration of the previous position.

Are these working conditions appealing to you? Stay tuned and come back next Tuesday for 5 good reasons to work in Germany!


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