5 Good Reasons to Work in Germany

After looking at 5 reasons why you should look for a job in France, let’s have a look at the advantages you will benefit from if you work in Germany.

  1. Income taxes

Unlike France, the net salary you get at the end of the month is after taxes. The income tax is deducted from the gross income by your employer, so you do not need to take care of it. This makes life so much easier! However, at the end of the year, you can fill in the income tax declaration. It is usually worth it as nine out of ten people get a refund for having paid too many taxes.

  1. Unemployment

The unemployment rate in Germany is one of the lowest of the European countries. As you can see below, the unemployment rate in July 2014 was 4.9%, compared to more than 10% in France.

unemployment rate germany

  1. Training leave

Since June 1974, in Germany, every employee who has been working for one year in a company is entitled to 5 days of paid training leave (Bildungsurlaub) per year.

  1. Office drinking

Office drinking is socially acceptable. Many German companies actually have a Friday beer event in the office after working hours.

FR reasonsgermany intext

  1. Quality of life

Germany is known for its great quality of life. You can eat out for 10-15 Euros per head in a good restaurant. The public transports run very frequently and in every part of the city. In Hamburg and other major cities, the metro and buses even run all night over the weekends. Moreover, the administration works quite fast which is very enjoyable after experiencing the French administration for years. The same goes for doctors and specialists: you don’t need to wait for months before you have an appointment.

Can you think of 5 good reasons to work in your country? Share them with us in the comments section below!


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