5 Interesting (or shocking?) cultural aspects around the world!

  1. Baby throwing ritual- India

In Solapur, a village in Southern India, people toss newborn babies down a 15-meter building as their common practice. This throwing ritual has been the practice of the Hindus and the Muslims in India for almost 700 years. It happens annually and it is believed that the tossed baby will grow old with good luck, intelligence and prosperity.

  1. Penis Festival- Japan

This Japanese penis festival or “Kanamara Matsushi” is a religious festival that celebrates the fertility of Shinto, a system belief of Japanese people. It is held on the first Sunday of April every year. You will see hundreds of people packed in the streets of Japan, blissfully holding the “steel phallus” which is the symbol of this festival. What is so interesting about it is that you can do and buy a bunch of stuffs that are dedicated to the male sex organ! O.o

TH Shocking intext1

  1. Spitting to say “Hello!”- The Masai tribe

The Masai tribe which is an ethnic group in Kenya and Tanzania sees spitting as a revered way of getting to know one another. When they meet older people, they spit to show them respect. They spit upon newborn babies for good luck, or even when they meet someone new, they shake each other’s hands full of saliva!!

  1. Blackening of the bride and gloom – Scotland

The blackening tradition is the wedding tradition that involves dirtying the bride and the groom with expired milk, fish sauce, mud, feathers and any other kinds of disgusting things to prepare the bride and the gloom for their marriage. If they manage to endure with these dirtiness and humiliation, it is believed that they will have a long lasting marriage and eternal love <3

  1. Finger cutting- Dani tribe

The Dani tribe in Papua, Indonesia cut off their fingers as a way to show their grief when someone in their families passed away. Handling with the physical pain symbolizes the sorrow and pain due to the loss of the loved one, they believe.

WARNING: This video contains images that some users might find disturbing.

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