5 Reasons to Couch Surf When Going Abroad

Summer is coming! (I hope that I will not have to pay royalties to Ned Stark for having written that)! You are starting to feel the craving for travel. I am sure that you are wondering if you will travel to France in order to experience the frenzy of the Euro football Championship or if you will rather go tan on a shiny white sand beach in Spain. Anyway, wherever in the world you will end up this summer you will have to find an accommodation and among all the possibilities that are offered you should definitely pick up couch surfing for these 5 reasons:


Number 1: You will meet awesome people!

intext 1

Why would you stay in a hotel room alone watching stupid TV shows when you could have someone to discuss and laugh with? Why would you share your hostel room with some creepy people snoring like pigs when you could have a comfortable couch in a cozy flat?

Couchsurfing offers the best opportunities to meet awesome people and to widen your group of friends. And who knows? It might be the beginning of a long-lasting friendship or more…


Number 2: One of the best ways to learn languages!

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Here is a very fun way to learn or to improve a language. Let’s be clear: With couch surfing exit school benches and crazy old teachers who were bothering you with their irregular verbs! Here you will learn with super interesting people who would be delighted to share with you their knowledge. Moreover, you might learn some slang. 😉


Number 3: Full immersion in the city!

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Who wants to take a ride on those awful roofless tour buses? Not me! I would better go discover a city with one of its inhabitants who will show me all the cool and hidden places that tourists do not know. I am 100 percent sure that the advice that your fellow couch surfer will give you would be better than those on hotel flyers.


Number 4: Food!

intext 4

Spending one week eating the same food in the same buffet at the hotel has no value compared to the amazing meal that awaits you on your host’s table.


Number 5: You will save money!

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Ok let’s bring the stingy argument last but as young people we have to find plans to save some money. Travelling is great but expensive and after having been robbed by your favorite airplane company you will not have much left, so better save money by booking a couch-surfing.




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