5 reasons why you should go abroad for an internship

I can’t believe my internship is ending today. It’s unimaginable that tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in my own bed and won’t have to go to work. Before I go though, I’d like to wrap up and share my bab.la experience with you, our readers, and my coworkers and friends.

1) Ego boost
Living abroad isn’t always easy but when you manage it, you’ll be awarded with the great feeling of being capable of taking care of yourself, no matter what. I know that the Czech Republic and Germany are just next door, however, there are some major differences (the Germans don’t speak Czech, for instance 🙂 ). So yes, I’m proud of myself and for being able to handle it!

2) CV boost
The great thing about internships is that you might try out things you are interested in, but aren’t 100% qualified for. And you really learn a lot.

3) Language boost
If you wisely choose a country where your favorite language is spoken, or at least a language you would like to learn, good for you. If not, you should at least try to learn some of the language, it’s fun. Plus, in case you have an international team, you’ll learn a great deal of very many languages as well. (Prepare that you’ll have to give lectures on your language as well. Mostly on swearwords, but still. They are useful and usually motivate people to learn more of the particular language.)

4) Networking
You’ll make a lot of new friends and contacts which is very valuable, not only from the business point of view, but personal as well. It’s nice to have friends all around the world and a couch to eventually sleep on in a few countries.

5) Fun
Last, but not least. Sometimes it’s good to step out of our comfort zone!

What were your reasons to go on an internship? Share them with us!

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