5 Things to know before visiting France

If you don’t have any plan for your summer vacation but you are looking for a unique experience in fashion, culture, wine, food and stinky subway why don’t you go to the funny world of the baguette called France.

France is the most-visited country and attracts around 80 million visitors annually: do not look for a quiet period to visit the Eiffel Tower; it does not exist:). Despite that, who does not love French people? (When they are in a good mood and not saying bad words, of course)

Here are some tips you should know before visiting France to enjoy your stay as much as possible!

Un: Say Bonjour! Merci! Au revoir!

Basically, the French do not speak English fluently and they will be very grateful if you know some basic French words. They are not well-known for being the politest people but they will be thankful if you show some courtesy to them.

Deux: Just give tips if the waiter deserves it!

Unlike in USA or Canada, in France, you don’t have to give tips every time you are going out; service is included in the prices. Of course, if the waiter has been nice to you, it is always appreciated to give an extra-tip.

Trois: Pay attention to your valuables.

A few simple precautions can keep your holidays a happy one. Unfortunately, pickpockets are everywhere and tourists are their favorite victims because they are not completely aware of their surroundings.

Quatre: Flatter French people

Who does not like compliments? French people love to hear wonderful things about their country. Do not hesitate to compliment on the food, on the wine, on the landscape, on the way they look and on their cute French accent when they try to speak English with you!

Cinq: Enjoy good food, good wine and good cheese!

Even if French people eat frogs, snails and horsemeat (and all of them are really delicious!), French cuisine is known to be one of the best in the world! This country produced around 45 million hectoliters of wine in 2012 and offers more than 400 types of cheese. Enjoy good French food and do not calculate your calories!

The famous Cannes Film Festival just started, that could be a good reason to visit the French Riviera. Even if you think you are not glamorous enough to show off on the red carpet, you should go visit this beautiful region. But if you really need to be involved in a great competition and you are more a language lover than a movie one, check out our Top 100 Language Lovers 2013 Competition and don’t forget to vote for your favorite blog, Facebook page or Twitter account as of Wednesday!


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