Spain is one of the countries with most bars per capita in the world, and beer is probably Spaniards’ favourite drink. They always find a moment to have one: before lunch at the so-called “aperitivo”, at lunch or dinner, at a concert or while they watch a football match. These are just some of the many good excuses they have to enjoy a beer in good company. In this article, you will also learn five different ways they drink it.

La caña

Caña is a polysemic word in Spanish. It means “cane” (sugar cane) and “rod” (fishing rod), but it most commonly refers to a glass of beer. This can be either a short glass or a wine glass, and it rarely contains more than 33 cl (standard capacity of a beer can in Spain). And interestingly enough, cañas are not poured but “thrown” (tirar)!

El botellín

There are three main types of botellín (little bottle): quinto (a fifth of a litre), cuarto (a fourth of a litre) and tercio (a third of a liter). Spaniards also love to drink beer directly from the bottle, so many bars has 2×1 or 3×2 special offers. Furthermore, they now offer buckets with 8, 10 or 12 botellines at a reduced price for groups of friends to share.










La jarra

If a caña is not enough for you, you can always order a jarra (jug or pitcher). They usually have a capacity of about half a litre and are kept in the freezer until someone orders one. This way, your beer stays cold for longer.

La litrona

This is the name given to any one-litre bottle of beer in most of Spain. Sometimes, however, it is just called a litro (litre). Either way, this is the cheapest ways Spaniards enjoy a beer with their friends, whether in a bar or a park.

El mini

Don’t get misled by this word. Mini is just the peculiar way Spaniards refer to one-litre plastic cups. These are usually used at big events, such as music festivals or sport competitions, but also at private parties.

What about you? What’s your favourite way of drinking beer?


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