5 ways to recover from hangover on workdays

DE Hangover cover DEWe all know this unpleasant situation: last night you were unreasonable as always, you drank too much and today is another day of working. YAAAAY! This means terrible headache, feeling like shit, looking disgusting, but still having to look productive and motivated like always. For that occasion, here come the top 5 ways to recover from a hangover while working:


#1: ordering a giant pizza for you (and your colleagues): the best way to recover from a massive hangover is to eat something really greasy. No one wants to have some salad the day after getting wasted. So just order a huge pizza and not only you, but also your colleagues will be happy and satisfied. Just make sure that they won’t eat all of it while you’re on the toilet because you think that you have to throw up…

#2: wearing sunglasses at work: you know you’re looking awful but you don’t want your boss to know it, too? Then it’s best to wear sunglasses at work. In case it’s not the right weather to wear sunglasses, just make up some stories about a terrible eye irritation and that you don’t want others to see your mushy slushy eye – no one will ask any further.

#3: for the girls: experiment with your make up. Today is the perfect day to make the most of your make up collection. Nothing is too much, nothing is forbidden. Looking like an old hooker is even better than looking like you have been run over with a vehicle.

#4: go to the toilet as often as possible. It will take some time and you have to work less. If anyone asks you what is wrong with you, you can just tell something about a terrible diarrhea and no one will ask any further.

And last but not least #5: skip work day. The saying “a person that can drink in the evening, can also work in the morning” is totally overrated. Just go back to bed and treasure your hangover.


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