6 Tips to survive in India!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say India? How do you think an Indian city looks like? What have you heard about the food and culture? Everything you have heard or seen might be true! India is a country where anything could happen at any time of the day!

From dust to amazing weddings, India is definitively incredible. As a Mexican, I used to think I’d seen it all (considering I come from one of the biggest cities in the world) but after spending some months in Indian I can now say I’ve seen nothing! Maybe the Mexican inheritance helped me a bit to manage the food and spices but it surely takes some time to finally adjust to all conditions surrounding you.

To what kind of things do I have to get used to?

Below I’m listing some “surprises” that you will for sure face in India:

– Heat: From 40º to 50º!
– Mosquitoes (You can’t hide from them!).
– Dust (everywhere!).
– Dialects and Hindi: No matter how hard you try to understand you will not be able to unless you have some previous knowledge.
– Cockroaches!
– Extremely high prices for tourists.
– Cultural differences between men and women (and sometimes Indians vs. foreigners).

How to survive in India

1. Pills and vaccines
Don’t forget to get vaccines against malaria! There are mosquitoes everywhere and therefore possibilities of getting infected are a bit high. Medicine for stomach ache and diarrhea are a must!

2. Fresh clothes and sandals
North India is a bit cold during winter but in the south you won’t ever need a thick jacket. The rest of the year all you need is a good pair of sandals and fresh outfits. Indian traditional clothes are cool but you won’t need them once you are back in your country.

3. Deodorant and sunscreen
You can count cloudy days with only one hand! So pack your sunscreen and a towel ‘cos you’ll be sweating an 80% of your day. Most of the people don’t wear deodorant but have one with you in case you feel smelly 🙂

4. Cream against mosquitoes
You can get 10 new mosquito bites per day or more. Indians sell some electric racquets to shock them but creams are extremely useful while sleeping or travelling.

5. Learn how to bargain
Things that usually cost 200 rupees are sold from 1000 to 3000 rupees to foreigners and tourists. If you have friends there ask them how much you should pay. Tell Indian traders your last offer and don’t give in!

6. Toilet paper everywhere
It’s true that most of Indians don’t use toilet paper. In many toilets you’ll find a small shower that has the same function as paper. While travelling you won’t even find that small shower so always carry your own toilet paper!

Have you ever been to India? Do you have any other advice? Share your comments with us and good luck if you are planning to visit this great country!


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