8 Ways to Learn a Language outside the Classroom

Signing up to a language course is always useful, but there are many different ways to improve your skills outside the formal classroom environment. While doing these activities you can study and have fun at the same time and you will become a language pro without noticing.

One of the easiest ways to pick up a language is through music. If you feel like practicing your language skills, just turn on the radio and look for an international channel or some foreign artists. You can try to transcribe the lyrics you hear or just simply look for them online and try to decipher the meaning. There are also special podcasts for language learners, give them a shot as well and see what works the best for you.

With watching foreign language movies you not only learn the language faster, but at the same time you also broaden your cultural knowledge about the people whose language you’re trying to acquire. If you have more free time, watch series.

Books, newspapers, magazines, comics, blogs, or whatever you find interesting in the language you’re learning, the possibilities are endless.

There’s an app for that!
Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, we have an additional platform to learn languages: yes, I’m talking about mobile apps. The language lessons are usually short, so you can just use the time while standing in line or riding a bus to take a glance and pick up some new words.

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Use social media!
C’mon, you’re on Facebook all day anyways, why not make it at least a bit useful? Kill time while commuting with studying! You can find numerous awesome language-related Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

Change the settings!
Changing the language settings on your phone or computer can speed up the learning process. Thanks to the icons and pictograms you’ll be able to more or less figure out the meaning of the words, and slowly they’ll all crawl into your head.

If you can afford, why not take a break and visit a country where the language you’re learning is spoken? This way you can practice with locals –nothing compares to the feeling when you realise you’ve gotten through the day with speaking a new language! Ask for directions, order in a restaurant, small talk while standing in line – these all can help you become the language master you want to be.

If you can’t afford to travel, don’t worry, there might be a solution in the place you live as well. In most of the cities there are Language Cafés where you can practice your language skills, learn conservational expressions and meet new, interesting people at the same time. If you’re a university student it’s very likely that you find a language society that might be of your interest.

See, there are numerous ways to pick up new skills without making an effort! Start learning now!


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