If you ever fly over some German town or take a road trip through some state of northern Europe it might happen to you to see a landscape like this:

IT gardens in text 2

Are those cottages of the seven dwarfs? Or miniature villas because there is a lack of space in the city centre? Nope. These are known as allotment gardens, better known in German as Schrebergarten. The concept is very simple: upon payment of a fee each member of the community can have a small lot to manage independently. This is not a new fad, in fact, already in the 19th Century workers in Belgium and in the Netherlands cultivated these lands in their free time in order to make up for the shortage of food in the industrial cities. Allotment gardens supported families in war times, who could feed themselves with vegetables and fruits overcoming the terrible famine that struck especially larger cities.
Today, city dwellers can enjoy these green areas doing some gardening or organizing a barbecue during the weekend… definitely more pleasant than on the balcony in the center (assuming you have one). So also children living in the city can play surrounded by nature and learn how to protect the environment. Why don’t you start this trend in your city? Many communities have already taken it up in Italy. We hear buzz words such as Km Zero, Slow Food… this would definitely be eco-chic!


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